The End by Bon Jovi sparks my biggest project to date

this video from hAnD90 on YouTube, elevated the song The End from an extremely rare and forgotten Bon Jovi track, to one in our hearts forever. 

Trust me when I say this was meant to be simple.

That my new Rock Star Yoga project, where I would derive one wisdom/ lesson/takeaway from every Bon Jovi song known to man, was not meant to be daunting, and probably excruciatingly long.

Because it was meant to be a light, fun, and Studio-Albums-Only endeavor.

No box sets, no single one-offs, no demos, no solo projects, no live albums or Bon Jovi tours, but especially – especially – no box sets.
Everything that came after “No box sets” was just a distraction, because I was obsessed with NOT including their 2004 4-disc set:
“100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans can’t be wrong.”
Adding 50 Bon Jovi demos, B-Sides, and versions of songs that did not make it to the (then) eight albums the band had released, was simply not an option.
I d be setting myself up for the proverbial dark ages;
A time in my new Rock Star Yoga series where I was going to cover 50 songs that I didn’t even know, and what I did know I liked, but ultimately forgot.
Every time I had listened to 100.000.000, I thought:
“Hah. This is actually pretty good.”
Only to then stick with their 14 studio albums again, and forget all about it.

So regardless of how many songs and videos my new YouTube series was ultimately going to have:
It would exclude 100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong.
That much was certain.
100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans were not wrong, but including 50 sub-par songs was.

Which was a decision that bit me in the ass almost immediately.
And this is something  I hear from most creatives – but maybe it goes for everybody?
Every time I say I will definitely never ever do something, thinking from a practical risk versus revenue perspective;
I always end up doing it.
You know why?

Because practical thinking is the most non-aligned, boring, fear-based thing you could possibly imagine. Being practical sucks the life out of everything, but especially out of creativity.

Thankfully, my muse, God or the Universe always slaps me on the wrist almost immediately. And this time it did so firstly, with a slow but painful stab in the gut that there is no such thing as 14 clear-cut, no-nonsense Bon Jovi albums that we all know and love.
Even my cd of their last album, This House is Not for Sale, misses two opening tracks! Two!
What’s that about right?
I looked it up, and they added two new songs for the 2018 reissue of the album.
And I already knew This House is Not For Sale comes in a DeLuxe version with 5 extra songs, but New Jersey too, has a 2 cd version with many extra songs, which was issued in 2008 to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the album.
My idea of a clean project needed a reality check.
The body of work Bon Jovi had created was a multilayered, complex thing. Cutting it short would mean that I was selling it short.
It was simply a no go.
So (still in denial) I decided I was going to do ALL songs – 
except for the songs from 2008 New Jersey and the box set 100.000.000 fans can’t be wrong.

“What about The End?” Universe asked.
“What about it?” I snapped back, defensive of my still relatively neatly contained Bon Jovi project. 
“Don’t you want to cover that?” Universe asked. “Since you were sooooo moved by it…”
Universe made a sad face as if it was The Joker.

“Or were you not sad, my Love?”

Universe was calling me out, on being moved to tears by the amazing YouTube Channel hAnD90, famous for curating and restoring many rare Bon Jovi recordings both video and audio.
Summer 2019 hAnD90 shook our fan base when a series which he had called “The Final 15” ended with a video where he announced he was retreating from the channel.

And why.
You can read his goodbye letter in the comment from the “The End” video.

We were in shock by his announcement.

Yesterday I made an introduction to the new video series. Click photo to see it.

His final video The End was not just a copy paste to support his statement.
The rare Bon Jovi song had been upgraded with introductions and parting words from Jon Bon Jovi, spoken at live concerts.
The audience roared.
It was a beautiful video from footage from hAnD’s favorite Bon Jovi era;
The mid 90s.

The carefully crafted video about the glory days of the band, combined with the moving song, had me in tears.
hAnD’s parting gift showed why he was an artist in his own right.
That he too, had a voice, a message, a contribution.
The End by hAnD90, was a gem.

“I liked The End,” I admitted to Universe. “It should be in there.”

“Good,” Universe said.
“It is the final song of the fifth cd of 100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong. That disc is only included in the Japanese version.”

Silently, I added all the titles of 100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong to my list. Four cd’s and the fifth cd that was only released in Japan and that ended with The End.

And I knew what to do.


My new Rock Star Yoga project means one wisdom/ lesson/takeaway from every Bon Jovi song known to man.
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Visit hAnD’s channel too! He’s back!

Here’s another wonderful live video hAnD created:
Get a box of tissues ready before you click.
Trust me.

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