#1 Get Ready | Rock Star Yoga Bon Jovi Series

Get Ready!
First in my new Rock Star Yoga Series:
A journey through all Bon Jovi songs known to man.

I got ready for this series with 10 hours of work, and I still haven’t figured everything out.
For example I m looking for help with a These Days album I found that doesn’t seem connected.
See links below for details.

But for yoga too:
I prepared for a year before I started!
Mentally playing and adopting the idea of yoga as my own, before I set foot into a yoga class.

If this is you – that you need to fall in love with the idea of something before you move a finger, then this is important information to remember!
Because the entire world, including yoga, seems to be based on experience first.

In Rock Star Yoga, I emphasize that you need to “feel it” or even “know it” before you do it.
Let me rephrase:
Before you ROCK IT.


Click to Get Ready

My new Rock Star Yoga project
one wisdom/ lesson/takeaway from every Bon Jovi song known to man.
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source material:
Thank you guys for this amazing fan site, it is priceless.

References in episode 1, Get Ready:

video Bon Jovi – Get Ready (Super Rock Festival 1984)
See bottom post

video Bon Jovi – Full Concert (Lisbon 2011)
Get Ready was played at 28:45

help wanted:
Does anyone know what this mysterious XL version of the These Days album is?
It seems to be for the Spanish speaking market.

Rock Your Yoga

Rock Star Yoga is based on principles of being your own teacher, raising your energy, using your body as your instrument, and full creative freedom in your practice.

If you would like to practice with a teacher first, here are my recommended resources:

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Kassandra

Rebel Yoga Nederlands:

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