#2 Blaze of Glory | Rock Star Yoga Bon Jovi Series


Oh my! The gems, the gems! *)
There is SO MUCH to unpack here. But what a treat.

I have to say, no one was more surprised than me that out of all the 90s songs I could have selected for today, I chose this one.
But by now I m convinced it just needs to be.

Blaze of Glory (1990) is the title track from the Jon Bon Jovi album, the soundtack to the movie young Guns 2.

The story behind the album, what Jon Bon Jovi was going through in his life, tells you two powerful lessons:
– braving the wilderness
To stand alone when everybody you counted on has left you.
(title refers to book from Brene Brown)
– and to follow your curiosity
A request from the team of Young Guns 2 to use Wanted Dead or Alive, led to creating a new song, led to creating an entire soundtrack, led to Jon hanging out on set and getting his first taste of acting, and an album which practically outdid the movie it was supporting,
and it established Jon Bon Jovi as a solo artist.

Because Jon Bon Jovi was willing to brave the wilderness and follow his curiosity, he came out stronger and got his band together late 1991.
And in my opinion it was his solo work on Blaze of Glory that sparked what many fans call the best Bon Jovi song ever written, Dry County (1992)

Also memorable:
Jon Bon Jovi gave an interview summer 1990, when he rented a house in Hollywood Hills (which he called Disgraceland) close to the recording studio for the Young Guns 2 album.
interview Jon Bon Jovi and Julie Brown on “Disgraceland” 1990
part 1
part 2
part 3

Click photo to watch video

Also in this video:
I discovered I have a poster from Jon Bon Jovi from this period!
Take it in for future reference!
Because if at any point in time, I m sighing that I miss “old Jon” or “rough Jon”; This is what I m talking about.
He cut his hair and went for a cleaner look for Keep the Faith (1992), and later on when he became an actor he waxed off his chest hair and it seemed to stay that way for a very long time.
But I ve always preferred leather pants, badass Jon, who camped with his crew in the wilderness for days, without running water, filming his Blaze of Running video

Other links to this video:
video Blaze of Glory (shot in the wilderness)

Santa Fe – live London Arena 2010
Song from his Young Guns solo record,
played live “for the die-est hardest of the die-est hardest fans”

Dry County – live 1995
Best Bon Jovi song ever written (in my opinion) and rarely ever played live



There is a fail in YouTube editor, which has “unlocked” the unedited versions of 5 years of YouTube.
I have therefor taken everything down, except the videos from this new series.

My new Rock Star Yoga project means
one wisdom/ lesson/takeaway from every Bon Jovi song known to man.
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source material:
Thank you guys for this amazing fan site, it is priceless.

help wanted:
Does anyone know what this mysterious XL version of the These Days album is?
It seems to be for the Spanish speaking market.

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