#3 Crush | Rock Star Yoga Bon Jovi Series

We’re at the zero’s!
2000-2009 *)

And when selecting a title for this video, I thought:
“It has to be something that honors the productivity and success of the band in this era,
as well as the ultimate price they would pay for it.”

Bon Jovi created 5 studio albums in this decade, plus a 4-5 disc box set “100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t be Wrong”, one live album One Wild Night, and a reinterpretation of their songs “This Left Feels Right”.
So they left an amazing body of work for this decade.
But it was also the decade Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora would start to drift away from the band.

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In English “crush” means to be good at something, “to crush it”. Like crushing an exam.
But crush also means to destroy something with pressure. Like crushing something with your weight, or crushing something in your fist.
So the title Crush from the first album of the decade, already has everything in it.

Both the success: They would crush it, in that decade.
As well as the price they would pay because ultimately, a part of the band got crushed or Richie Sambora got crushed, under the wheels of the rolling train.
That kept on going.

I think there is a big lesson to learn, from this decade.
That in life, or even on your yoga mat, the best way to do things is not to do them for a certain outcome, but because it’s what you need to do.
It’s what you came here to do.

And not only are you not doing it to get a certain outcome;
You re willing to accept ANY outcome.
Even the worst. Even the biggest price you would have to pay.

Anything you can do with that kind of purity and intensity and authenticity, is amazing.
You will never ever regret that.

For yoga, which is of course a very small example of this, but for yoga this means letting go of the idea that your practice is going to bring you health or balance but to do the yoga in the moment and do what you need to do or want to do.
Regardless of the outcome.

A comparison I like to make is that Jesus died for his message, died for his purpose work.
I ve always believed that is an inspiring example because it shows you it is really not an option to not do it. Ultimately you have got to do it regardless of the outcome, and even accepting the worst outcome possible.

I think the zeros, the decade, was for Bon Jovi an example of that same principle.
They did what they had to do. They did what they came here to do.
It was purposeful and they had to accept the ultimate price.

We will return to this decade many times in this series.
But this is for me what characterizes this decade.
It’s the huge success that came at incredible cost.



There has been a fail in YouTube editor, which at that moment “unlocked” the unedited versions of 5 years of YouTube.
That’s why I took all my videos down, except the videos from this new series.

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My new Rock Star Yoga project means
one wisdom/ lesson/takeaway from every Bon Jovi song known to man.
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help wanted:
Does anyone know what this mysterious XL version of the These Days album is?
It seems to be for the Spanish speaking market.

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