Love Song | Private Yoga Series

Creative juices are flowing again!
And trust me when I say I tried to stop them, because of time consuming, not my core thing, yada yada, but –
When has that ever worked?
Even worse; In all fairness, would I really want my creativity to actually stop because it’s not convenient?
Of course not.

One of the core principles of Rock Star Yoga, is that instead of blindly going into your yoga every day, do what raises your energy.
Do what gives you flow.
So in my case, this was creating new yoga schedules.

During my time as a yoga teacher, I always wrote all my lessons out as schedules, but since I m not a yoga teacher anymore I stopped doing that.
And I ve got plenty of schedules to practice for myself, so why bother?
Even more so, I prefer an improvised practice myself, without a schedule.
However, I forgot that I just really, really like creating yoga schedules!

What I typically do is watch yoga videos on YouTube, and just rewrite all the exercises in a different order.
For today I used videos from Yoga with Bird.
I have added her to the list of YouTube channels below/ at the bottom of every post, so that you can practice with her videos if you like.

The schedule contains minimal instructions, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Scroll down to find YouTube sources for a guided practice, and a safe and accessible way to get started.

I really believe that ideally, yoga doesn’t come from outside of you, it comes from within.
This is why I don’t bother with too much instructions on the schedules, and why this schedule is “just” meant as inspiration for those who already have an idea what yoga is.

I will be bundling all yoga schedules at some point, and create a book.
But for now they will be published online here, as we go.

I will start with the easy/ lunar/ beginner practices and gradually work up to more difficult ones.

And rock on.


yoga schedule: Love Song

Beginner friendly, restorative, lunar yoga
Yogic breathing: Inhale belly expands, exhale belly releases

New schedules will be published on this blog, along with all Rock Star Yoga philosophy videos.
The subscription button is somewhere on this page, probably on the right.

Other ways to rock it with me:
Rock Star Yoga YouTube (earliest access)
Rock Star Yoga on Facebook
my personal Twitter account

Rock Your Yoga

Rock Star Yoga is based on principles of being your own teacher, raising your energy, using your body as your instrument, and full creative freedom in your practice.

If you would like to practice with a teacher first, here are my recommended resources:

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Bird

Yoga with Kassandra

Rebel Yoga Nederlands:

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