7800 Fahrenheit: Let’s turn up the heat!

Oh my…. You know that expression:
“God whispers. But if you don’t listen he’ll throw bricks at you.”
Good news is: It ain’t bricks.
I m finally understanding things, before God sends me to the ER.
But it sure as hell were EXTREMELY CLEAR messages!
And they will have an enormous impact on what I ve been doing here (or: not doing…. (yes God, I get it)) with Rock Star Yoga.
So, fasten your seat belts, as I will turn up the heat, starting tonight by filming as many new vids as I can, containing all these new insights which – of course- do not just mean, that I have been playing small.
Denying myself.
And basically tried to marginalize my very own existence in order to avoid being seen.
But… that in all likeliness…maybe…. so have you?
Maybe we’ve both been hiding the rock star within, in order to play small and get by without being noticed?
So for me, the breakthrough came today. It’s a long story, but I ll tell it in a juicy way. Before God starts throwing bricks after all, for being a total bore.
But – as sort of an elaboration – I do think it all started this weekend, already.
When I learned to drink whiskey (video: Live before you die) and learned the hard way, by almost suffocating myself, that planning my life literally takes my breath away.
(video: God Bless This Mess)
You can watch both at my channel:
And witness the first two Aha-moments, of what would become a big breakthrough 48 hours later.
Before I finally started rocking it.
Our new videos will be posted to YouTube on Wednesday February 26;

I originally added an offer here, but I have decided to pull it back including all the videos I filmed after a major breakthrough!
Tomorrow, I will create new videos, including one where I share why I decided to never again become commercially active.
And why offering my services as a teacher or coach, or even speaker, would actually block what I can do for you way quicker, for free. 


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