Some Pesky Pink Flamingos (YouTube confession)

No, no, no; Don’t worry!
This is by no means the heavy soul searching stuff, I had to tackle last time,
in order to come out on the other side.
Far from it.
It has actually been an amazing weekend, where I felt very much alive as a yoga teacher, for the first time in years.
And this includes feeling alive as a Rock Star Yoga Teacher.
It’s just that I had to come on and write here, Sunday late at night, because I was/am irritated that my videos for Rock Star Yoga YouTube, fell through.
I accomplished so much, including setting up my new business as a local online yoga teacher (If you live in the Netherlands, you can check my online yoga groups here), only to see something so close to my heart failing.
I love Rock Star Yoga.
It’s what gave me direction, what showed me the way back to yoga, at a time when I thought I was lost forever.
And then in the weekend when I started a new yoga business;
I “failed” Rock Star Yoga.
It was as if the videos were cursed.
I threw out a Bon Jovi talk video and multiple yoga videos titled Pink Flamingos.
And although I look forward to filming it again tomorrow morning, I think:

“What is it with those birds? Why is it so difficult?”
If I get a hold of them after all, that new video will be uploaded on my Rock Star Yoga channel. 
But meanwhile, I thought let’s hop on here, and explain what Pink Flamingos actually means.
As a Bon Jovi reference?
I think only the die hardest of fans will know.
And those who do, probably didn’t know until in this century, when internet and fan groups became a bigger thing.
I m pretty sure that in the eighties, when Pink Flamingos by Bon Jovi originated, no one knew.
Pink Flamingos is the amazing synthesizer intro to Let it Rock, the first song on the Slippery When Wet album.
I ve called it “Sex on a keyboard” once, and I ll do it again:
Pink Flamingos is sex on a key board.
Written and played by David Bryan, Bon Jovi’s keyboard player.

In my Rock Star Yoga origin story, the intro to Let It Rock plays a big role.
I consider it my sexual awakening.
So why that video of mine, the yoga video Pink Flamingos, where I was going to do lots of balance poses – because “Flamingo”- why that keeps being postponed, dismissed or deleted?
I don’t know.
But who knows how long it took David to get it right.
And then maybe, one Monday late March he got it.
Let’s hope so.
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