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Every Rock Star Yoga lesson in this course will have:

1. a video from my YouTube vault.
This week the first video I ever created:
“Welcome to Rock Star Yoga”

2. a newly written chapter:
Today I look back at biggest takeaway on how I started:
“2020 Vision”

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video: Welcome to Rock Star Yoga | { Class of 2019 – 2020 }

In this very first video, created June 21, 2019,
I talk about the
history of Rock Star Yoga (and why I switched to English);
The main difference with regular yoga, and even tying that to sex (it’s good to see how bold I was back then!);
How it all started at a Bon Jovi concert;
And it has a lot of cat cuddles in it.
More information and links related to this video in the description box on YouTube.

2020 Vision { chapter 1 }

Saturday November 28, 2020

photo: first video June 2019 | When I started what I called Rock Star Yoga, I knew I started without having the full vision. But what I didn’t know was how happy I would be in November 2020 that I had recorded everything I did know at the time.

Welcome to Rock Star Yoga! 
Because this lineage, this passion, you could even say my legacy of Rock Star Yoga, has had a, perhaps unsurprisingly;
ROCK-y start!

Rock Star Yoga started on YouTube, but about seven months in, I had to take it down because YouTube went through a software update and unedited my videos.
What I didn’t tell at the time, when I excused myself for taking all those videos offline, was that I had grown increasingly uncomfortable sharing it.
For many reasons, but what springs to mind are:

– my own yoga practice was erratic at best.
– I was withdrawing from teaching yoga more and more.
– the videos had become too much yoga and too little Bon Jovi. Too little rock. Too little about the things that gave me energy.

The last thing I wanted was Rock Star Yoga to be real yoga, and yet that is what it was slipping into.
I was creating yoga videos, I was writing about the yoga aspect, creating yoga schedules, and slowly but gradually it had knocked the fun out of it.

I was a yoga teacher from 2004 to late 2019, but didn’t really stop until Covid ended my lessons for friends and I paused my online classes because I just needed to get my vision back on what it was I wanted to teach.

By chance, this rocky start has illustrated one of the key principles of Rock Star Yoga versus all other yoga;
I believe your vision, a vision, comes first.
Your idea should not necessarily be crystal clear in terms of details (the hows), but the essence of it should be almost tangible, before there is any doing.

The vision should be clear enough, sturdy enough, defined enough, that when someone throws a new idea or perspective at you, you immediately see if it matches your vision.
When I started Rock Star Yoga, I had that level of clarity.
So even though the road would get rocky, when I started sharing Rock Star Yoga on YouTube and this blog, I did know what was part of it and what wasn’t.

If someone had thrown an idea at me I would have been able to say:
Yes, that’s a part of (in my case) Rock Star Yoga.
That’s not Rock Star Yoga.

If I had not been that certain, I would not have started.

And yet I failed to “rock” Rock Star Yoga the way I intended, and slipped into mistakes like teaching actual yoga on YouTube, knowing very well that the core of Rock Star Yoga was a mindset one.
And that the Rock Star Yoga exercise, or practice, was an individual and intuitive one.

The teacher, the classes, the books, the tools, the apps;
Everything that taught you the hows of yoga, was in my opinion contributing to you not finding your own way, and to you not doing nor developing your own yoga.

And yet there I was, teaching actual yoga on YouTube.
There I was, making yoga schedules for this blog.
What had started as a clear and profound vision, ended up on a slippery slope downhill.
YouTube unediting my videos was the death of it, but it was also a convenient excuse to end a project that had gone sideways.

In theory, I m very much pro a do-ers mentality.
And “Done is better than perfect” is definitely a slogan I live by.
But at the same time I need to embrace the idea of something. Only after that will I do it and automatically do it my way, right from the start.

I embraced the idea of doing yoga a year before my first class.
And so identified with the year I embraced it, that it took me for over a decade before I realized I had not started doing yoga until a year later.

In 1998, Madonna told the world about the fact that she did Ashtanga yoga, and that was my falling in love with it.
With the idea of yoga.
But before I had found a yoga teacher I liked, and a yoga style I liked (we didn’t have Ashtanga where I lived) it was Fall 1999.

However the year in between had not been wasted.
Because for some of us internalizing something, getting our head around it before we do something, is  The Way.

Which is the road less traveled, and it can take you 48 years before you fully understand the consequences of it!
That just doing something is pointless.
And just starting a waste of time. 

Some of us need to BE with the IDEA, before we can do.

For the 2019 concert of Bon Jovi I had been preparing for months. I knew the setlists and had written out the lyrics to the songs in an effort to remember them better.
I had checked out the location.
Planned ahead what I would be needing, and dug deep to find out what my rights were with regard to what I was legally allowed to bring in terms of water etc.

And as a result I had the best concert ever, and all the other concerts I went to, are rather pale compared to this one.

In this series, I will share the principles of Rock Star Yoga.
But they can never outdo or overwrite the number one principle which is The Idea.

More than conveying my ideas of what Rock Star Yoga is, I want this message to be;
You may be one of those people, who need to create in your head first.
Who need to understand, first.
Chew on it.
Digest it.

Develop it.
Until you can see it with great clarity!

Perfect 20/20 vision.
All that before you do anything.

That is the only way things will ever work for you.

And the only way to rock them.

Rock Star Writer

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Welcome to Rock Star Yoga & 2020 Vision
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