Live From London

It’s finally happening!
I’m writing my first book 

Take the stage, rock your life and rule the world”

Originally inspired by the Bon Jovi concert video Live from London;
A 90 minute dvd from the 1995 Wembley concert registration.

And although I was certain I would keep it nice… I would keep it SHORT! I would neatly follow the outline of the 11 handpicked songs the band had decided would be on this dvd.
And not go looking for the entire show….

Except, I m on day two and I am listening to it right now!
As I write, I m listening to the absolutely amazing, remastered audio-only of the third night at Wembley, the night from the video.

“Taken from 3 sources, remastered & mixed into the full show.”
The creator Damned TV says about this 2,5 hours long recording.
Damned indeed….
How can I not fall for this? 

How can I write a book based on what we will call “the management summary” of a brilliant Bon Jovi show that included Dry County, because we’re talking about 1995!
A time when almost every show featured Dry County.
A time when almost every show moved you to tears.
A time when many of the Bon Jovi fans I meet today, were still too young to attend a rock show.
But they sure wished they had! 

How can I write a book about how to rock your life, based on the short, bullet point version of a concert every Bon Jovi fan would give an arm and a leg to have been there?
And Jon Bon Jovi himself would probably give his stonewashed New Jersey jacket to have his voice in that shape again.

How can we settle for the dvd and not go for the “taken-from-three-sources”, remastered, full-length audio version of Bon Jovi live in London?

We can’t.

A set list of 28 songs, 28 chapters minimum!
There’s a lot of speeches, there are guests, there is so much to talk about!

Because the lesson of my book is not going to be:
Take the quick route.
It’s not:
Just tell me the punchline.

Enjoy the good times! 

Appreciate them.
Savor every minute, every song.
Take the long route.
Then the scenic route.
And then go on an adventure and prepare to be enchanted and
to never come back home.

Let’s go!


announcement & introduction to this series:
2020 07 27
LIVE FROM LONDON | new series coming soon


1    2020 07 29 Get Ready To Rock { We Will Rock You }
2    2020 11 24 Show. Up. { Prayer Intro } 
3    2021 04 03 Livin’ On A Prayer
From this point stories are no longer written chronologically in line with the setlist
4    2021 05 27 Lay Your Hands on Me
5    2021 07 20 Red Virgin 

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BONUS chapter
2021 22 2 All The Things You (n)Ever Wanted To Know About Bon Jovi at Wembley first night 1995

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