Work with me

I’m not going to lie!

Just 24 hours ago, I thought I was going to become A Proper Entrepreneur.
Red flags being the words “going to” and ‘become”;
You either ARE or you ARE NOT.
One does NOT “become” anything.

But in this haze of temporary loss of sanity, I decided I was going to package up my offerings in a neat and orderly fashion.
If you make a point of it you can actually find a video of me, blushing about my new found peace of mind, that I was finally, finally, going to do it.

Except I didn’t sleep the night before, and underneath I was feeling like shit.
If you compare the two shots, you can see me almost POWERLESS on the left! 

I was living the dream.
The dream that some place, somewhere, there was a place for me at the table of service providers, or even local business, who offer real value to real people.

But within 12 hours of that sleep deprived, video, I had a rude awakening.
(thank God)

And realized that this path to becoming Proper and Successful had so many things I would never allow within a 2 mile radius of my art! 
I had no chance but to cancel it all.

Either Rock Star Yoga was art, in which case it meant there was no business model.

Or Rock Star Yoga was a business, but in that case, the creation aspect of it would be to “sell” the paid services I would provide!
After a day of blogging and making YouTube videos, I would then spend my evening making coaching calls and teaching yoga.
That, would be the real work.

Except that it is not obviously, right?
That is not the real work.

THIS is the work, this always was the work, and will always be the work.
This blog, this YouTube, this Facebook page.
This Twitter, this friendly Dutch online yoga group.

And maybe this one single sentence where I tell you that if you would like me to help you, my hourly rate is € 125 including 21% VAT and we can use Zoom or phone.

And that’s the end of it.

Business is where you pay me to help you;
And art is fully free.

Because it was never about living the dream;
It’s about living your purpose.


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