And So It Begins: Bon Jovi Yoga

Jon Bon Jovi stretching at Live Aid Philadelphia by Mark Weiss 1986

Nothing is as important as passion. 
No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.

Jon Bon Jovi

Or as Katrina Ruth formulated it this morning – yes, I’m quoting this fully aware that I may run the risk of losing you by tossing in a less familiar name:
Katrina Ruth blog 2 November 2021:
“This is about the difference between doing what you do because it is WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO.
As opposed to – doing things to get places. To be someone. To be that next level you. To prove something. To GET – ‘there’.”

Which is the most fitting, most to-the-frickin’ point, as well as a very welcome probably 4000 word-long, reminder of what it really is all about.
Do what you came here to do.
So no! When I launch Bon Jovi Yoga it is not to distract you from your purpose, not to let you relax from a life that is unfulfilling, and that you will regret when you’re six feet under.
Although by then it’s probably a little too late for that.

When I say, “Come do my thing, join my thing!” it is not because I want to Suckerberg the attention span right out of your soul, and plaster it over my ego and make money of it.
It is not.

There is a reason I open this blogpost quoting not just Jon Bon Jovi but also Katrina Ruth (and this is her YouTube), the rock star business coach who will change your business, life and beyond of you give her as much as 3 seconds of your time;
There is a reason I do not quote Patanjali.
I do not quote Deepak – do we get we say fucking? let’s say fucking – I do not quote Deepak fucking Chopra, nor a famous yoga teacher – and the last one can’t be quoted because they don’t exist.
There are no yoga teachers so famous that non-yoga doing people know them.
And so far the only yogis who were able to make a name for themselves outside of the yoga community, proved to be sex offenders. That community has been through a lot.

The Tony Robbinses of yoga have all come crashing down from their pedestals so hard, it is no wonder there are no yoga teachers famous enough to quote from. I feel an immature desire to yell: “There are no yoga teachers to quote from BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL IN JAIL!” but that is not true.

But I do think that the exponential rise of yoga from the late 20th century onward, has come at a terrible price and an awareness that we must create safer communities.
That yoga must inspire and empower to live your own life. Never again, must we create a situation where yoga students become dependent on their teachers or their gurus.

I really believe there is not a yoga teacher in 2021 and beyond who will not feel that teaching yoga comes with tremendous responsibility, and that we must, and will, learn from the past.
And what “I” am offering with Bon Jovi Yoga, although the key is of course there is no “I” in this story, what I am creating is a community.
Not a pedestal. And since we’d okay-ed the word fuck: 
I’m not creating a fucking pedestal.

I, WE, have bypassed the trap of both yoga being not that inspiring to people who do not feel drawn to it,
AND the trap of yoga communities revolving around a megalomaniac teacher,
by letting our community revolve around our love for Bon Jovi.
They’re the object of our attention.

So quoting Katrina Ruth – who is an absolute stellar coach to follow if you are interested in taking life by the horns (f.e. on her Facebook) – this week we start our journey of WHAT WE CAME HERE TO DO and not a journey of doing it for whatever.
Not to get a better body, feel more worthy, or to find balance – because our bodies are fine as they are, we are worthy, and I’ll take my chances betting that for us balance does not come from sitting still on a mat.
We need a little bit more fun than that. Make that a lot more!

Bon Jovi Yoga it is.

You will be able to watch BON JOVI YOGA unfold its angel wings on my two YouTube channels both English and Dutch, AND I have two books out, that I have not shown to you but I just noticed there’s a 20% discount this week on the site. I’d be doing you a disservice if I would not mention those today as well.

So hop on the wagon!

Bon Jovi Yoga will start within 24 hours on all of these outlets.

subscribe to -> Daily Bon Jovi Yoga (daily blog):

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subscribe to -> Bon Jovi Yoga Nederland:

And my books, which I have not announced, promoted and hardly ever mentioned in any way, but my books have a 20%  LULU store discount this week using code EARLYBIRD20
Offer valid through November 5
You can find my books The Little Mistress Who Turned Into A Baby Koala and A Boyfriend Like Jon Bongiovi at the bottom of this page:

I know I owe you a better explanation, and that this explanation of what Bon Jovi Yoga is, or what you’ll be a part of, once you get on the wagon, and get hooked :), was limited, at best.
But we’ve got a lifetime together.
Bon Jovi Yoga really IS here to stay, and we’ll probably be seeing each other more often than you can possibly imagine.

For now suffice to say that, from a very narrow perspective, yoga is my fan art. Like other people draw, or remaster concerts, or write fan fiction;
Same way I create Bon Jovi yoga.
So my socials and my YouTube channels are fan communities, where we do yoga.

There really is no limit to where it ends. I could start teaching classes in Nijmegen, you could visit as a tourist, or I can come to your home town and teach a night of Bon Jovi Yoga there.

But whatever it is, we’ll do it with passion and not for an outcome, but with sense of purpose and belonging.
We do it because that’s what we came here to do. Let me say that again, yelling immaturely.


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