Guns N’ Roses Groningen 2022 06 23: story, recap video, full set + other songs European tour

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On 23 June 2022, Guns N’ Roses played at Stadspark Groningen, The Netherlands.

It was 30 years to the day, after their absolute legendary gig in Rotterdam!
A gig bootleggers still make money off charging €20+ for dvds with grey lines and an only slightly more recognizable audio stream. My cat destroyed any leftover value, by throwing it in their drinking fountain, and it has never done that with anything else before or after.

Thankfully, in 2022, many concerts can be re-experienced with YouTube, and I hope to create just that for you, with this playlist.
It’s always possible videos will be taken down, but for now at least, I hope to make a good selection.
Setlist below this post.

As unbelievable as it is:
3 H+ setlists are Guns N’ Roses standard these days.
As was the case in Groningen.
But Groningen was one of the shorter ones of this European tour.

Shadow of Your Love, Hard Skool, Don’t Cry and Black Hole Sun, did not get played but were presumably on the setlist.
I have this information from Setlist FM, which is about as reliable as 20th century starting times of Guns N’ Roses concerts.
Or so I heard.
But unless you are in possession of the handwritten OG setlist of Guns N’ Roses playing Groningen 2022;
Setlist FM will just have to do.

The “shorter” setlist was absolutely no problem, but it was a surprise because in 2017 Guns N Roses played the longest setlist of their European Tour, in The Netherlands. With Angus Young, at Goffertpark Nijmegen.
And in 2018, at that same venue, their show was 3.5 hours as well.

I had really expected Groningen, The Netherlands, to get the honor of a new record for this tour as well.

I would even, have betted my original-art-work copy of my Appetite vinyl, that The Netherlands would have the debut of There Was A Time, since that has been rehearsed at least once in soundcheck and they appear to give every city one new song.

They kept word though:
Groningen had “Sorry” as the tour debut!

But naturally;
With a 3+ hour show, to an absolutely mesmerized crowd of 50.000 people who were thrilled you were there,
and excited that Groningen is on the map again after going without big concerts for over 20 years;
Guns N Roses had nothing to apologize for!

Playlist 38 videos:
Guns N’ Roses Groningen 2022 06 23
recap video, full set + other songs European tour
[ + story and setlist in description of this playlist ]

part 1: Groningen (29 videos)
* trailer 2021 Mojo concerts
* Recap 2022 Feiko Dijkstra [ 26:39 ]
[ Set Groningen 23 06 2022 ]
[ videos as much as possible filmed in Groningen ]
1 It s so easy
2 Mr.Brownstone
3 Slither
(Velvet Revolver cover)
4 Chinese Democracy
5 Welcome to the Jungle
(Link Wray’s “Rumble” intro)
6 Madagascar
7 Back in Black
8 Double Talkin’ Jive
9 Live and Let Die
(Wings cover)
10 Estranged
11 Rocket queen
12 Reckless Life
13 Street of Dreams
14 You Could Be Mine
15 I Wanna Be Your Dog
(The Stooges cover) (Duff on lead vocals)
16 Absurd
17 Better
18 Civil War
(Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” outro)
19 band introductions
+ Slash on Guitar
(Albert King’s “Born Under a Bad Sign” jam)
+ Sweet Child of Mine
20 Wichita Lineman
(Jimmy Webb cover)
21 November Rain
22 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
23 Nightrain
24 Sorry (tour debut)
25 Coma
26 Patience
(The Beatles’ “Blackbird” intro)
27 Paradise City

separation video (1 video)
Sweet Child of Mine, Groningen

part 2: (8 videos)
played on other European concerts, or overheard from soundchecks (expected to be played)

Walk All Over You (AC/DC cover)
Hard Skool
You re Crazy
Shadow of your love
Don’t Cry
Black Hole Sun
The Seeker
There Was A Time

part 2 of this list will stay updated with new concerts
part 1 will be curated and stay under supervision for 1 year.

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