Why Bounce may have been Bon Jovi’s best album

First off, here is the Bounce album on YouTube.
Press Play to get a punch in the gut!
See, feels good right??!
It was one of the things that had been in the back of my head for a while, giving me little “What about?” reminders every once in a while.
What about Bounce?
Why did you buy that album?
Was it a coincidence?
The zeros were Bon Jovi’s most productive decade.
Not only did they produce 5 studio albums, Bounce (2002) being one of them:
They also toured extensively, and had countless Bonus projects going on.
The 4-5 disc box 100.000.00 Bon Jovi fans was released.
Their One Wild Night live cd.
This Left Feels Right, an album with alternative versions to their songs.
And said 5 studio albums Crush, Bounce, It’s my life, Lost Highway and The Circle.
And that’s just what I know by heart, since getting back on the Bon Jovi wagon.
In the decade itself, I wasn’t a fan.
It was as if we lived in alternative universes.
With the exception of one album:
With Bounce not being particularly memorable, as far as the general opinion goes, and none of its songs being played at any of their recent concerts:
Had it then been mere chance this record had come in my possession? 
Interesting question.
But not exactly an urgent one, and it was dropped the moment it arose.
One day.
If I feel like it.  
Yesterday I listened to Bounce and it hit me right in the gut.
There really are no words to describe what it DID to me – something I only knew from another vastly underappreciated record This House is Not For Sale:
It filled my heart with joy, my gut with rage, my life with a strong forward moving force that NO MATTER WHAT- 
We were not going to back down!
Don’t get me wrong: I immediately noticed Bounce having weaker moments. And even repetitive elements (just like This House is Not for Sale!) that you could criticize or question. And I decided to spend some more time with the record, and its history.
What had happened?
What was its context?
And I stumbled upon The Forgotten History Of The In All Probability Best Bon Jovi Record Ever Made.
Think August of year X.
Bon Jovi had just ended their One Wild Night Tour, and was going to take it easy, musically. There were no plans to go into the studio anytime soon.
Now think September 11.
The world was shook, and a wave of despair came over us. New Jersey, being close to New York, was heavily hurt.And the band Bon Jovi, known for its anthems and its message of hope, leaped to the rescue, to the frontier, and after their first months of charity work were over, they had many stories to tell.
 “That was my brother lost in the rubble, That was my sister lost in the crush”
Bounce, Bon Jovi’s 2002 almost forgotten album was the stab in the gut we had all felt in 2001, but they took it and put it to music.
It was no coincidence that for two plus decades, Bounce was the only Bon Jovi release that immediately made it into my collection.
And into my heart.



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