How Creativity Became My Great Escape | Do What you Can

At Easter I made the resolution to create daily.
Because although I could not commit to one language, one medium, one craft; I COULD commit to creating.
In fact it was harder not to create, than to just let it flow out of me.
YouTube videos.
Yoga classes.
Blog posts.
Unofficial blogposts, or “illegal” as I like to call them. Where I used a Facebook page or my LinkedIn profile instead of a website to write, because I didn’t want subscribers to get too many emails.
Every day I created 2 or 3 things.
Creating daily has firmly planted my feet into feeling absolutely great.
I acknowledge being privileged here, I have little to no worries. But that makes it ( I think) even a bigger responsibility to keep your spirits up.
Creativity keeps my spirits up, but in turn, it also gives me something positive to share.
So almost from the get go, I understood creativity to be the antidote to a life in solitary confinement. Although with social media and multiple communication tools present, the term “solitary” is of course extremely relative. 
But compared to 6 weeks ago we all live in this tiny little world, trapped with our thoughts.
And in that world, I have found Creativity, giving myself permission to write, make videos and teach online classes, is really a great escape.
If you have control over what you create, it suddenly doesn’t matter that much that there’s huge chunks of your life and your future, you have little to no control over.
But yesterday night, during my free-flow, improvised yoga class  -where not just the exercises are created at the spot, but the theme itself is given full freedom to develop within the 75 minutes of the class –
I struck upon a wisdom which revealed an even deeper underlying principle, that I had unconsciously be applying.
That was far more extensive than just having something to do.
It was the aspect of Giving, without wondering how you were going to “get” stay nourished and taken care of yourself.
After having spent a large part of the class laying the foundation:
To make a decision, to stand your ground, to claim what is yours – all so that your foundation becomes strong enough for you to start inviting people in, and start sharing your gifts- I said:
“There is also a quicker way.”
And I said the quicker way is to simply start giving from wherever it is you are, and whatever it is you have, trusting that you will receive whatever is nessecary for you to function.
That it is not up to you to stake your claim, or to defend your resources:
It is only your task to share and give, what you feel called to share.
And to have faith that you will be taken care of.
That the resources will come.
That your work, is only in the giving, only in the sharing what you ve got.
And not only is it quicker: But have you ever wondered, that maybe this is really the only way? 
How much money were you going to save, how steady does your income need to be, how many crisis or unforeseen circumstances are you going to insure yourself against, before you feel “ready enough” to start giving to others and start sharing your work freely? 
It reminded me of how I became a yoga teacher. 
In 2001, I was doing more than 1 hour of yoga a day, and I was looking for a way to get taught in a way that supported that.
At that time there were no medium levels of support: It was either your weekly class, or a teacher training.
So I chose a teacher training, without any plans to become a teacher.
I just wanted to learn more and get the support.
But halfway in our four year training we did learn how to teach, and I immediately was one of the few who started doing it professionally.
And it was because of a deep insight:
If I teach, I make space in my mind to receive new things.
Teaching, verbalizing it to others, is the last stage of understanding it. As soon as I have shared it that directly, the lesson (on my part) is learned and has become part of who I am.
And space for the new is created.
It is the giving, that allows you to receive.
You can’t sit on your talents like Scrooge McDuck sits on his money. In year two of my training, it had become evident to me that the way to that made sense to complete this four year education, was to start sharing. 
I think it’s the same way with giving and sharing your work.
It is not just in the creation, in the creativity, where the healing comes from.
It’s in sharing it.
It’s in posting that video I created, publishing that blogpost, but also:
It s in teaching that class, and passing on what I know by teaching yoga.
You could even say that the reason I feel so good about being creative, is not because of the (narrow minded definition of) creativity at all:
It’s because it allows me to share something.
Yoga classes on YouTube and to my online group, and other videos on YouTube and creative writing.
Jon Bon Jovi and his wife have been very involved through their charity organization JBJ Soul Kitchen, providing meals.
They work around the clock, to make this happen, together with a lot of volunteers.
“If you can’t do what you do, you do what you can.” Jon Bon Jovi has called it, in a song he keeps adding different verses to which people send in to him.
He’s even sung it in classrooms, with children telling them what to sing.
You can follow Do What you Can on Bon Jovi YouTube and Instagram.
Four wise words that Jon Bon Jovi figured out weeks before I did:
Do what you can.



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New videos expected too, at Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

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