Coming within 24 Hours: 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series

Jon Bon Jovi Jakarta May 6, 1995; Click for a compilation of this concert

On May 6, 2020, we go back in time 25 years, and end up in Jakarta Indonesia, where Bon Jovi will totally be rocking the house, giving a sold out concert which has been edited for television.
This moment in Bon Jovi history, will be the starting point of my new YouTube series.

And then we go…..

Starting slowly, reviewing 2, 3, concerts a week.
But soon this These Days ride will spin totally out of control!
We will have five concerts a week at times, and rocking until the end of the year.
Their 1995, our 2020.

Then we’ll have a five month rest, which I suggest we use to recover. Unless I find out remarkable Bon Jovi history was made those months, and we continue in some other format.
But either way, in May we return for our encore.
And No! 
It is not the entire These Days tour.

Just like we didn’t start at the starting date of the These Days tour, our series will end a bit differently.
With a legendary concert of Bon Jovi at a venue in the Netherlands which had not been used for rock concerts until then.
Nor has it been used for it ever again.
It was a one-off concert at a recreational park in the East of the Netherlands, June 1996. A concert remastered by hAnD90 on YouTube, and he refers to it as:

“A concert and setlist, so long and filled with magnificent songs
that it feels almost surreal.”

hAnD90 on Bon Jovi | Live at Het Rutbeek | Enschede 1996

It’s May 5 now…. 2020. And I feel I have SO much to do!
Film the introduction, prepare tomorrow’s video.
And how the hell will I keep up?

You know what? 
I have no idea.

But I guess if they can do it, touring the world at this crazy pace;
Then in some way, shape or form: So can we, 25 years later.

Let’s go.


The Bon Jovi concert series, was not finished but it was not cancelled either! 
It’s just that making 1 video, analyzing shows that were 2,5 hours long, took me at least 6 hours and it just became undoable.
So it stranded temporarily.
Bon Jovi related (1996 or earlier) stories are expected and will be posted Suzanne Beenackers YouTube


In June 2020, I renamed this site from Rock Star Yoga to Rock Star Writer.
I ll update all blogposts (there are 46) and will get my fingers into the YouTube channel soon, including retrieving content I had to take down in January because of technicalities.

New videos expected too, at Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

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