The Transitionional Set List

A couple of days ago YouTube channel hAnD90 released a 1986 remastered Bon Jovi concert audio.
Bon Jovi | Live at Nippon Budokan | Tokyo 1986
It was filmed the day Slippery When Wet was released, which was the band’s 3rd album.
So the set list was a mixture of new songs, which the fans had never heard, and songs from their first two albums, both of which had been toured in Japan.
Despite Bon Jovi not having its big breakthrough until Slippery When Wet (You Give love A Bad Name, Livin’ On A Prayer) the band had always been very popular in Japan.
The songs from those first two albums were well known.

When hAnD90 referred to the set list as “A Transitional One”, in the description box, it stuck to me.
As if it was the label I had been looking for to describe what is happening to me, and why I m so inconsistent in showing up here.
Or even, in knowing what to “play”! 
I m not releasing my bestseller today, that much I know.
But I may have made the biggest leap of my entire adult life in the past 24 hours. 

Without using boring words, which may trigger you to stop reading, the short version is this:
I m going all in on my writing.

Oh, shoot! That was still boring!
Better not tell how I got there.
I think all you need to know is that I won’t rest until my JOB is to work on my own business selling my books.
Not services.
Not my time.
Not working for an employer (although I may do that to support myself).

The only thing I ve ever been good at is writing.
The only thing I have ever wanted, is writing.

And this account Rock Star Writer, will be one of the two biggies.
It is the account I will show up DAILY, either blogging, making a YouTube video, or updating and revising one of our earlier posts.
I will be on Twitter and Facebook every day.

*boring paragraph*

For the past months I have been investigating getting a proper career, so I would have full creative freedom as a writer/ a creative.
But as I was learning how to build funnels, I realized that I m going to have it all.
Full creative freedom.
And make a living from my writing, without having a real business. I never want to see another VAT form again.
I want the 20th century writer status where you work in an vacuum of not having to register with the chamber of commerce.
The idea of “being” a business, like I was the past 20 years, still sets off screaming voices in my head. It’s difficult to understand if you don’t live in the Netherlands, but here we have made the side-hustle into something that will actually cost you hundreds of euros a month, just to do it legit.
It’s a nightmare, and I never want that again.
I will only use existing (sales) platforms, that do not require a business bank account or your business Terms of Service to be uploaded.

*end of boring paragraph*

In one month I went from thinking I wanted a job in marketing, to a job in IT, to a choice for building funnels (a marketing tool) because I ve always had a fascination for them;
Only to realize I don’t want a new career at all.
I want to finally be a writer, after being a yoga teacher for so so very long.
Not only is every career, or hour away from my desk taking me away from my purpose work;
Since my “side-hustle”/my creative work/my purpose, requires me to sit behind my desk; My new career absolutely CANNOT be sitting behind my desk!
And since all careers,
– that I would be even remotely good at, other than yoga teacher-
require sitting behind the desk?
I can’t have a new career.

This was a VERY easy calculation! There is no other conclusion possible.
8 hours work + 2 at home = 10 hours behind my desk daily is horrific.

Damn damn damn, I cannot belief I wasted months and months, thinking I would go get a career.
I m so extremely angry with myself, for wasting so much time.
So angry.

And next to the simple math of seeing I don’t have any ass sitting hours to sell – Nothing outside of writing will ever satisfy me. 
Sure I ll get a job for as long as need be, that pays the bills and keeps me on my feet, literally.
But my place is here. 
Home and on the internets.

And I just remembered that the strongest features of the band Bon Jovi, the thing that shot them to fame ultimately with their third album, were two things:
– knowing what they wanted
– knowing where they belonged

I may not have released my biggie today, but I sure as hell laid the foundation.



In June 2020, I renamed this site from Rock Star Yoga to Rock Star Writer.
I ll update all blogposts (there are 46) and will get my fingers into the YouTube channel soon, including retrieving content I had to take down in January because of technicalities.

New videos expected too, at Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

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(this is not the concert registration from hAnD90)
This video of perhaps the first time ever performance of You Give Love A Bad Name, was shot the night of the Nippon/Japan concert (1986):

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