Let’s Make It Baby | new series: The Box Set

“Jon Bon Jovi’s growling, grunting voice is so incredibly sexy
it will have Jim Morrison cheering from the heavens”
Today I started listening (doing yoga) to my long awaited Bon Jovi box set:
100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong
A collection of songs, most dated to the nineties, which resulted in a 5 disc set:
4 audio, and 1 dvd with background material..

There’s also a Japanese version, which has a fifth audio cd, with amazing songs on it.
Among which
“Let’s Make It Baby”
That could easily count as the most sexy Bon Jovi song ever written.
Fortunately “Let’s Make It Baby” was not just released on the rare 5th disc of a Japanese Box Set, but also (in two versions) on the Deluxe edition of New Jersey album and on a European Special Edition bonus disc of These Days.
I m not really sure which one it is (the New Jersey version or the These Days version) but I think that the person who created this seductive Jon Bon Jovi collage, thought that was beyond the point.
And it probably was.


Don’t forget to put on your audio, because Let’s Make It Baby is an incredibly strong Bon Jovi song!

And Jon Bon Jovi’s growling, grunting voice is so sexy it will have Jim Morrison cheering from the heavens.
“We’ll get the sheets all wet.
Baby, make you feel naughty.
Turn down the lights
I m going down slowly.”
Or as one comment said:
“I ain’t a smoker, but I need a cigarette after listening to this here song! DAMN!”
In theory writing an entire paragraph about a cd you re not going to cover is a bit long,
but I hope you agree there’s no such thing as talking too much about Let’s Make It Baby.
The song ranked #1 at a previous post here on this blog:
5 Unexpectedly sexual Bon Jovi songs. And how they saved me from the Dark Side
By the way, the song The End, is also on this mysterious 5th disc.
That song was not included on other sets, but famous YouTube channel hAnD90 did use it for a video, so we do have a beautiful video of (promise to shut about it after this) a song we’re not going to do:
Bon Jovi – The End (by hAnD90)
The footage hAnD90 used is from the dvd Live From London, a project that I started last week, on this blog.
So this Box Set series is going to be a series about the 4 remaining audio discs, and whatever it is that brings up.
Today I listened to the first cd, and the first song is called.
“Why aren’t you dead?”
A surprisingly upbeat song, for such a grim title.
But I ll tell you the rest tomorrow.
Rock Star Writer


Let’s Make It Baby
is the introduction to
The Box Set Series

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