I Get A Rush | series: The Box Set

video: the original on the box set

2nd video: the cover “Rockin’ All Over The World” was the main inspiration for
“I Get A Rush”

For a wee moment, I was afraid I would have to create something out of nothing.
There seemed to be no significant information available about the eighth song on the box set 100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong (2004)

But I did find a few great lines in an article from 2018, that ranked all Bon Jovi songs!
It said (with I Get A Rush at position 80)

80. “I Get a Rush,” 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong (2004)    

Inspired by John Fogerty’s “Rockin’ All Over the World,” which was later performed with Steven Van Zandt on their 1995 tour.   
“I Get a Rush,” from three years later, is an utter delicacy of joy, with a humble arm-waving chorus.

There are so many cute things in this description, I would add a blushing emoji with the hands, if I knew where to find things like that on my desktop.

First of all the song it refers to, “Rockin’All Over The World”, is probably their most played cover song.
And since I m reviewing the 1995 Crossroad tour on YouTube; I have heard it frequently, including the times Rockin’All Over The World was performed with Steven Van Zandt, which is Little Steven from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

But for us eighties people Little Steven rose to some kind of Untouchable Legendary Status because he wrote, produced, organized a collaboration between dozens of musicians “Artists United Against Apartheid” with a song called Sun City (1985);
About how you should not be playing this white resort in South Africa.

So with that background, that’s already a short circuit of things to like about the song that inspired the eighth song on the box set.

The only “big but” I have with the description of this song, at place 80, is that unlike what that description says, I Get A Rush was not from three years after 1995;
It was from 1996.
A time when Bon Jovi were still touring, although the tour was now officially named the These Days tour and no longer the Crossroad tour.
Meaning “Rockin’ All Over The World” was still very fresh or even still being played, when the, and I quote, “utter delicacy of joy” that is I Get A Rush, was written.

But there is more.

Before I write these posts about the songs on the Box Set I always listen to as many (live) versions of the song, as I can find. And it was there, where I found the next gem.
I m so excited by this, and I don’t even entirely know what it means! 
But I think it’s about sex and Jon Bon Jovi;
So who needs to know more, right?
[ I would now have added an emoji with one big eye and one small eye and the tongue out of its mouth, so I guess this is the moment for gratitude that I m still on my desktop. ]

The video I am talking about, is I Get A Rush performed in 2009, by Jon Bon Jovi on a fan club day.
And here’s what (I think) Jon says:

“I’m gonna have to introduce all the songs because I’m telling you, it will go a bit crazy but we’re gonna start easy. It’s like foreplay, I m gonna get going real slow,”
* makes hand gestures indicating he’s touching a lot of curves*
“touching and feeling. Feel the whole way around.”
(at this stage the yelling in the crowd is probably costing a few eardrums)
“You’re moving just so close”
Jon now makes a hand gesture that indicates that he has brought his face very close to the woman’s, but doesn’t go for the kiss.
He drops the hand, and fully confident that he knows how this is done, he says the final words as he turns around, talking to the friends he’s playing with this night.
“And you wait for her to make the move BACK!”

And I’m yelling and screaming in front of my desktop:
“Oh my God, that is EXACTLY how it is done!”

That’s how you get a rush.

Rock Star Writer



In 2004 Bon Jovi created a 4-cd (1 dvd) box set with unreleased work,
called “100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong”.

In this series, The Box Set, I am discussing all of the 50 songs

I Get A Rush
is the seventh post in
The Box Set Series

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Bon Jovi concert reviews 1995-1996 Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

I Get a Rush at the Jon Bon Jovi fan club day 2009.

(These arms are) Open all night | series: The Box Set

The song Open All Night on the Bounce album (not the Box Set) is from the same family.

In 2004 Bon Jovi created a 4-cd (1 dvd) box set with unreleased work,
called100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong”.
In this series, The Box Set, I am discussing all of the 50 songs.

And it’s a welcome back post!
Because a few weeks ago, I quit this series. A major reason was that in 2019 I had already written about the songs that were up next:
So “Open all night” and “These arms are open all night” had already been discussed.

The following is an updated version from that post.
Making it the oldest post in this series. 

(These arms are) Open all night | series: The Box Set

For all women currently between 42 and 50, this was the male bench mark. God have mercy on our souls.

“This title, Open all night, we’ve used about five times.
We finally did a song on the Bounce record,
called Open all night.

Great title, we never could get it right.”
Jon Bon Jovi, 32 min 28 sec 

So according to Jon, there were five songs called Open All Night.
But even if you go with the three that were released, you’d have trouble distinguishing them.

The only mainstream version of Open all night is, like Jon said, on the album Bounce.

The Box Set, 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong, is for the fans and has the two other versions:
Open all night
and These arms are open all night.

Three different songs, but they’re all ballads which makes them similar.
And although the title of the song on Bounce is “Open all night”;
The lyrics of that song sing “These arms are open all night.”
Adding to the confusion about which song is which.

I’ve listened to all three songs, and here is what I found.

For clarity’s sake, I m going to assume the protagonist of these songs is male, and preferably Jon Bon Jovi, unless he specifically says that he is Jones and he drives a dented red Chevrolet then we go with that.
And we’ll assume the other person is a woman.

So here’s the three different songs:

1. Open all night
at 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong
live version Atlantic City 2004

Is about a girlfriend who has left to make it in the world and her boyfriend waiting at the bar, telling her not to worry.
Open all night refers to the boyfriend being open all night, meaning waiting for her.

2. These arms are open all night
at 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong
live version Borgota 2004

Is about a man who introduces himself as “Jones” and informs us he has a dented red Chevrolet, and gives a woman he met at the bar a detailed description how to get to his house.

Now if Jon Bon Jovi would try pick me up with this:
“These arms are open all night
If you need someone to talk to
A hand to hold onto and if it feels right
These arms are open all night
That would be a Hell YES! if ever there was any.

I would feel completely seen, wanted, desired, and although I m not a night person at all, I would make an exception.
This song identifies him as not being JBJ, but as “Jones”.
And I m actually surprised Jones sees the headlights of the woman behind him following him, because he confesses (out loud!?):
“God only knows how long it’s been that I been this lonely”

So instead of the gorgeous man Jon Bon Jovi – and then I have not even talked about the husky speaking voice Jon has and the sensitivity of the songs, and so on – so instead of that man who was glued to my wall in the 80s, who was my first concert, and who still falls into the category “I still definitely would”;
We’re now talking about someone I just met, in the middle of the night, who feels lonely?

I have not heard one reason to say Yes to this.

And even if it had been Jon “Rock God” Bon Jovi?
he shorter the encounter is gonna be, the more I want to feel special and loved, and a real connection. 

Which brings me to:

3. Open all night, main version, Bounce
album recording

There is a reason this is the one that made it to the main studio album.
It starts with a verse where Jon – Jon’s back! I like him MUCH better than somebody who introduces himself with a surname Jones – shares with us that he saw us coming from a mile away and noticed our poor little heart was bruised black and blue.

Then we get a verse where he tells us that he too, has been hurt. He knows how it feels. And that the last thing we need is another pickup line, so he’s not going to do that.
Maybe I should just quote this. Here are those verses:

“I saw you coming from a mile away
Trying to hide behind that pretty face
Bet my last dollar baby you been bruised
Poor little heart all black ‘n’ blue

Last thing you need’s another pickup line
You must have heard them all a thousand times
God only knows what you been through
Believe me I been broken too

It aches, it breaks, it takes your breath away
I’ve been around that block a time or two”

Okay, if there is a woman now, considering to NOT immediately go with Jon, she’s lying.

We just got picked up in 2,5 verse.

Bring in the chorus:
“Baby, I don’t want to fall in love with you
I try, try, try but I can’t get around the truth
Please don’t say my name, give this heart a break
I don’t want to make the same mistake but it’s too late
I’ll leave on the light
These arms are open all night”

Song number 3 wins.
Jon gets the girl.

This is such a no-brainer that I feel like an idiot even going through the rest of the song, but I will do so, as a sign of song-appreciation.

So we had Jon buttering us up with perfect verses and bringing it home with the best pickup chorus in the history of rock music and then we have:
(Take it away Jon)

“I got your taste in the back of my mouth
I want to reach in and pull it out
And I’d be lying if I didn’t say
When you’re this close I’m afraid

Of the way I’ll feel if I touch your hair
The way I’ll miss you when you’re not there
And that I’ll see you when I close my eyes
It’s too late, I’ve crossed that line

Not only did Jon have us at “Baby, I don’t want to fall in love with you”;
He now burns the very last of our entire defense system to the ground,
by admitting he too has fallen hard for us.
That he didn’t want to fall in love, he wasn’t looking for it, he wasn’t needy or lonely, and yet it happened anyway.
*soft sigh*
Isn’t life beautiful?

Are we now not all dreaming of being swept off our feet by someone we don’t want to fall in love with, but we just can’t help ourselves?

In another documentary, Jon speaks about his mixed feelings of singing ballads in front of a live audience. The interviewer tells him that the crowd was completely quiet the other night, when Jon sang his version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.
Jon answers:
There is a ballad called Open all Night, on Bounce, that I love for that reason.
But it gets the polite applause at the end, because it’s not that..”

*makes energetic hand gestures*
(18 min 30 sec)

After this analysis of the lyrics of Open all Night on Bounce, I don’t believe Jon.
I don’t believe anyone would not get it, if Jon sang this live.
That was not a “polite” applause.

That was “God that hurt please play a rock anthem to make it go away.” – applause.

It was a crowd with arms that were not just open for Jon;
They would have given them both to have him in it.

Rock Star Writer



(These Arms Are) Open All Night
is the sixth post in
The Box Set Series

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Bon Jovi concert reviews 1995-1996 Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

These arms are open all night (Live)
{from 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong}

Dry County: the well that keeps on giving

Click to go to YouTube playlist of Dry County live performances, starting with the very first in 1993

You never know if something is the beginning or the end of something, don’t you?
With relationships, I think many of us have thought we were at the beginning of something.
A thing that, in retrospect, never quite started but was held together by a desire for a lover, for a friend, for a career.
It was a Fata Morgana from our desire to belong, that did not exist in reality.

Once we took our eyes off it, just for a moment, it evaporated.
When we looked back, all we could see was hot vibrating air over desert sand.

And in all likeliness, that’s all there ever was.

But the opposite happens as well. That you do not wish, don’t want nor will it to life yet year after year?
That friendship is still going strong.
That lover is still your number one.
You still work for pleasure, the good experiences just layer on top of each other, and you have to pinch yourself time after time.
Is this real?

I am someone who does not count on anything to be there in the morning;
And as a result, I frequently get happily surprised.
Often I believe that something is so good, so outstanding, it can never last forever. 
Or, like I had with the 2019 Bon Jovi concert;
I KNOW, it’s not forever.

It’s 2,5 hours, and then you have to wait for years.
And if you add a Covid pandemic, you may have to wait for years times twice, before Bon Jovi plays Nijmegen, The Netherlands again.

Yet little did I know that the 2019 Bon Jovi concert I had been looking out for and preparing for for half a year;
Would not bring about an apocalypse of being a fan, where it would all come crashing down in a violent post-concert rebound.
The concert had been just the beginning.

I had not even scratched the surface of what being a Bon Jovi fan was going to bring me.

My journey into fandom, into Bon Jovi, and probably also the journey into me, had just started.

I know so much more about Bon Jovi, since then. And one of the songs that keeps unraveling and revealing its secrets, is Dry County.
Although of course it doesn’t;
No matter how often you listen to it, you can never fully understand it.

No matter how often you take your gaze off it;
No matter how many years go by;
No matter how often you listen to it, or alternatively regardless of how little attention you pay to it;

Dry County is the well that has always more to give.


The New Rock Star Writer 

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New videos on the 1995 concert series expected soon at
Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

video: the latest addition to the expanding collection of memorable Dry County performances. An extremely rare rendition of Dry County, sung in the original key.


Miss Fourth of July | series: The Box Set

In 2004 Bon Jovi created a 4-cd (1 dvd) box set with unreleased work,
100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong”.
In this series I discuss all of the 50 songs.

I m still early in this series, yet this post may end up being my favorite one.

video: At 29:20  Jon says all there is to say about this song.
Or at least: All that he’s ready to share!

There will be times in this Box Set series, where I supply you with a fascinating origin story of the song, hail it for its profound meaning, or conduct science experiments how few sentences it took before Jon had us crying like babies;

And then there will be times when I will diligently write out, an entire speech or full verse or chorus, because I think it should be swallowed whole and that we should not be picking it apart in an effort to understand it.

Or the third option, which is my personal favorite;
I write about why the song is about sex.

And then!
Then there is apparently the one in a 100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong– chance that I just might be able to deliver all three of them! 

Because after hearing Jon’s elaborate explanation on how bad he was doing when he wrote “Miss Fourth of July” and how deep his crisis, and I then read along three verses, three repetitions of the chorus, and the outro I thought:
“This is about sex and you tried to slip it by us.”

So either, you can read along and overthink it with me.
New rare video footage to support my vision will be delivered!

OR you can just take Jon’s word for it and keep it at that, and look for a video on YouTube called:
Bon Jovi | Live at Borgata Casino | Atlantic City 2004
by hAnD90 uploaded in January 2019
And start at 29 minutes 20 seconds.

This was the introduction from Jon Bon Jovi to Miss Fourth of July on the Borgota concert: 

Jon introduces Miss Fourth of July, as follows:
“This is a little something I wrote back in ’91 and a period I now refer to as the grey period. It was cloudy for about two years of my life.
It was a very interesting time because we were trying to figure out who the hell we were, as people.
The twenties were now behind me, the thirties were just coming on strong. Innocence seemed to have all be gone. But fortunately for us we got over that hump
But this is written during that period that if we didn’t get over this hump at that time we would have in fact been another one of those casualties that you hear about on “Where are the now?”.
So if you can just imagine I am in this little teeny eight by eight bedroom in Malibu California, probably either drunk or hung over, with a rented piano, and I happen to like the song more now because it doesn’t hurt as bad.
Check out the lyric, it is called The Fourth of July.”

Now, if at this point, you’re shaking your head at me.
“How can you possibly see this song as being about sex?”
Then I m going to cut you short because I too didn’t see it as being about that at this point.

Just like you, I docilely listened to the acoustic song with Jon and Richie on guitar and David Bryan on accordion.
And weeped with them over losing their youth, as the price they paid for growing up touring pretty much back to back from 1985 to 1990.
No wonder they were in crisis.

Yet there was probably already a sign that they would make it because contrary to other, I would almost say contrary to “most”, hardrock bands in the 80s, the Bon Jovi members were not addicted to heroin. 

The band Bon Jovi started in the early 80s, with Jon Bon Jovi delivering enough material for an entire record all by himself, before (after launching the single Runaway) they pulled together a band.

With their self-titled album (1984), their second album 7800 Fahrenheit (1985), their biggie Slippery When Wet (1986), and the absolutely brilliant shockingly good successor to that New Jersey (1988), under their belt and non.stop.touring.
– New Jersey was in fact even often “excused for” not being that good because they didn’t have time to properly innovate their music, while also touring –
that when that final tour finally ended early 1990;
Of course they were beat.
Of course they were stressed out.
Of course there was going to be a massive withdrawal from touring for years on end, that would pull each and everyone of the members into their personal versions of hell.

Of course it was going to be a time of staring into the heart of darkness.

This did not mean that fans from Jon Bon Jovi, would have to miss out.
Early 1990, he joined the cast of Young Guns 2 on location, and started writing for the soundtrack.

The script and emotions it provided for him, gave him not just a sense of direction on what the music should be about;
It also gave him a mask.

He was not Jon Bon Jovi the singer who had probably lost his entire band and himself;
He was writing music to fit the script.
He later said he had put a lot of himself in that album Blaze of Glory, but at the time he hid behind the cowboy hat and leather clothes. 

So there I was (current day me, not 1990 Jon) listening to Miss Fourth of July and reading the lyrics.
And I stumble upon a lyric that makes me think that he did not have real sex, but only watched (a stripper, or a couple, or two women, something along those lines), and yet someone (I think his wife) was upset with him anyway.

This was the lyric, it is in the first verse:
“For a night I just watched and you walked out of here”

I don’t consider myself a knowledgeable Bon Jovi fan.
Just last Sunday I mixed up the intros from It’s My Life and Livin’ On A Prayer.

So I will never even remotely suggest you should take me seriously, as far as facts about the band go. I m not a typing encyclopedia, and often even fail to Google things.
But there is one area I am an expert at:

And with Jon Bon Jovi, this usually means that I have a neck for when he’s talking about cheating. And even when I later find he was doing it “in character”, like in Always which was originally for a movie so it’s not his own story, I can’t imagine that he did not pour from his own experience when he wrote that.
But this is not about Always.
This is about Miss Fourth of July, that we are supposed to take at face value about being about an entirely sexless coming of age, or maybe coming of fame is more accurate, theme of a rock star finally returning home with almost Odysseus like pathos, suddenly realizing he no longer is the man who left, filled with hopes and dreams.

“For a night I just watched and you walked out of here”
This “baby-level” Bon Jovi fan, who cannot tell the difference between It’s my Life and Livin’on a Prayer intros, thinks Jon Bon Jovi tried to stay faithful within limits, yet got in an argument with his wife about it anyway. 

That’s the baseline I got when I started this blogpost. I had honestly not thought any further.
Until I started typing out that entire speech, which was a lot of work, I think I easily spent an hour on it.
And in that hour, the tiny bedroom in Malibu remark started to look very familiar. Even though Jon was referring to a two year period, I was suddenly certain this referred to the mansion he had rented, which he called “Disgraceland” and where he stayed when he recorded the Blaze of Glory record.
It is also the location where my favorite Jon Bon Jovi interview was located:
An MTV interview with Julie Brown, which was supposed to air on Independence Day.

(if you’re currently shouting “But that’s on the fourth of July!”; That is correct!) 

To mark the occasion Julie was dressed in America’s independence colors red and blue.
“Now I see where the white is,” Jon says as he lifts her skirt.

As soon as I saw this interview, which was early 2019, I knew for a fact that we had watched a genuine sexual attraction between Jon and Julie.
That it was both staged, and real.
Julie and Jon were hiding in plane sight.

click the photo to go to the playlist of this interview

The only problem this presents, now that I know that Miss Fourth Of July was written in the backlash of a one-night stand, or encounter, with someone special yet you can’t make it work, was that I no longer understood the sentence:
“For a night I just watched and you walked out of here”
I no longer know what that sentence means.

Yet Jon being messed up after Julie left, does explain many other lyrics. 
“Don’t say we never tried”
“I ain’t too proud to let you see tears fall from these eyes”
“Just look me in the eyes and say it meant nothing at all”
“Nothing but a heavy hit of heartbreak ;
A handful of blues”

And I know who Miss Fourth of July is.

” I used to live, but now I survive”

It took eight words.
Eight words to make us cry.

Rock Star Writer


Miss Fourth of July
is the fifth post in
The Box Set Series

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Bon Jovi concert reviews 1995-1996 Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

Playlist box set:

Show. Up. { Prayer Intro } | Live From London Series

I immediately noticed something was missing when I clicked on what looked like a YouTube upload of the dvd Live From London.
At 1 hour and 24 minutes, it was about right, although I remembered the dvd to be 90 minutes.
But hey!
Why would someone sneakily cut six minutes out of a Bon Jovi concert right?

And yet, the moment I watched the intro I knew Jon taking the stage was missing.

That you don’t start a dvd with Jon having magically appeared out of thin air at the mike, in his stone washed New Jersey jacket, black blouse with white stripes, chest hair luscious in a way we would never see again after it was taken off less than a year later for his movie role in The Leading Man;
Wearing his black bandana with white design tied around the head in the wide yet sturdy fold and wrap technique, only he and Axl Rose ever seemed to have mastered;
And the first words of this Magically Appearing Front Man being;
“Tommy used to work on the docks!”

That’s now how it works.
There is a “before”.
There is a leading up to.
There is anticipation.

In the previous chapter I referred to the long audience shots clapping in “We Will Rock You”-style.
And you don’t let the viewer wait, watching a sea of clapping hands, only to then cut to-
He’s already there.

So I knew the 1 hour 24 minute concert version I had found on YouTube was not the real dvd; It had been tampered with.
And I was right.
Both a YouTube clip of “Livin’ On A Prayer” from that concert, which I have included at the top of this post,
as well as the full 90 minute show Live In London which is available on Vimeo, and which I have included at the bottom of this post,
show the full intro of Livin’ On A Prayer.

We see Tico Torres standing behind his drums in a white vest, clapping with the crowd.
And then the camera shot from over the crowd, retreats back into the darkness of the side of the stage, we’re looking into the sun.
We see the silhouette of a tall, rangy man, walking up to the edge of the stage.
Sharp cut to a close shot at eye level:
Ritchie Sambora!

He takes a bow, rising back up, his small round sunglasses mirror the Wembley stadium and the clear blue sky.
Long dark mane, and long black coat adding to a rough cowboy-like look.  
He gives the crowd a battle cry; “Yeah!”
Fist pumping in the air.

There is tangible concentration when the musicians set up the almost monotone, slow moving base sound with Tico Torres using a mark tree, a percussion instrument that consists of a set of hanging metal-like pipes.
Until after a few seconds that moment we have all been waiting for when Richie folds his mouth over the talk box, and gives us the signature sound that will become Livin’ On A Prayer.
Richie’s almost synthesizer like tones join the auspicious baseline that the other instruments have set up.
The sounds from the talk box moves fluently up and down, as if gently caressing us.

Until we here the thin sound of a drumstick to the cymbals:
“Tick tick tick”


“Tick tick tick”

The Livin’ On A Prayer drums take over, a  drum roll if ever there was any!

And a sound that I can only describe in a way that does not do justice to what many consider the best song of the best rock n roll band since the 80s:
– in my defense; English is not my first language! – but here we go:

Oompa oompa oomp!
(repeat endlessly)
(keep it going)
(trust me on this)

And it is there! On the sounds of Oompa oompa oomp! that the man of the hour, the rock legend Jon Bon Jovi takes the stage with a run that goes into an energetic jumping up and down, legs wide, two feet jumping in the air again and again.
A wide grin over-viewing the stadium and just like Richie he has his fist in the air!

He stands with the microphone and in his talking voice, he delivers us the intro that we all know from the thousands and thousands of times we’ve heard this song:
“Once upon a time.
Not so long ago.”

All this (I m now pointing and waving at the past paragraphs describing the epic rock star beginnings of this show ) was not included in the dvd upload I found on YouTube, and with that one of the biggest takeaways from this show was lost;
How to make an entrance.
How to consciously, and conscientiously, show up. 

I once attended a yoga workshop from an internationally acclaimed yoga star slash yoga guru, which I ended up hating and considered a waste of my time and money. And yet the lesson he taught in his first five minutes is one I will never forget:
What is the basis for every relationship?

The answer was: You show up.

It is THAT choice, where you make the first commitment.
Either you give away your power, if you show up for things you don’t want.
Or you use it to show up for the things that you do want.

Show up for your yoga, was what this teacher hinted at.
But it goes for every area of life; Are you showing up for it?
Are you even THERE for the thing or the person or the hobby or the business or the audience or the 80.000 fans, to have a relationship with you?

And then, if you ve got that, if you know and decide that from now on “Hell Yes! I m gonna show the f up for my art, for my family, for my dreams, for my fans, for my LIFE!”
Then this opening sequence of Bon Jovi in Wembley 1995 uplevels that for you.

Make your showing up as deliberate, as epic, as full of intent;
As layered, as exciting, as full of bouncing, pounding energy, as Bon Jovi starting their Wembley show, and you really are living aright.

You’re living with Oompa oompa oomp. 

Repeat endlessly.

Keep it going.

Trust me on this.

Rock Star Writer


Just. Show. Up. { Prayer Intro }
is the second chapter from
Live from London
Take the stage, rock your life and rule the world”
Click on “Live from London” to read all chapters.

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concert upload on Vimeo (including the moment Jon shows up) 


Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night | new series: The Box Set

In 2004 Bon Jovi created a 4-cd (1 dvd) box set with unreleased work.
In this series I discuss all of the 50 songs.

video: Just like the previous song on the Box Set, Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night, might have gotten its most phenomenal speech in Osaka, Japan.
Check at the 4 minute marker.

click the photo for a live version (video) of Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night, recorded in Argentina

“I’m feeling like a Monday,
But someday I’ll be Saturday night.”

I have to admit I had never really listened in depth to this song, until I encountered the “I’ll be Saturday night” demo at #4 of disc one of The Box Set.

Someday I ll Be Saturday Night was released on the 1994 “best of” album, Cross Road.
An album I didn’t own, until recently.

I had also heard the song almost every time I listened to a 1995 concert to make a video for my YouTube channel.
And yet;

I didn’t really “get” Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night until I started what I would qualify as “hoarding”, different versions of the song.
Ultimately I decided on limiting it to ten years.

You can find the playlist I created here:
Bon Jovi Someday I ll Be Saturday Night 1994 – 2004

That will also give you my channel, to subscribe for my upcoming 1995-1996 Bon Jovi reviews.

The Box Set’s demo of I’ll Be Saturday Night had been the first version of a song that would be performed live, over and over and over again.
Thematically it was comparable to Livin’ On A Prayer, meaning pushing through adversity and believing in a better future.

But it was way, way more subtle
Which might also explain why I “managed to miss it” as a
n absolute gem, in particular in the live legacy of Bon Jovi. 

At the 3,5 to 4 minute marker of these live songs, Jon Bon Jovi improvises. Sometimes “just” going through all the days of the week, and how hard they are.
But sometimes, like in the above audio I included of Osaka, it was a straight up motivational speech.

It’s so unreal to think that live version in Osaka was recorded twenty years ago, and here I am in 2020.
It’s a Thursday night.
I just taught an online yoga class to friends, which I had not done in a very long time. By accident, I streamed it from one of my public pages.

Now it wasn’t nude yoga or anything, but during the class I had been very conscious of my body, and of what I will just call the “weirdness” of yoga;
Something you usually do not have to deal with, until you start including “puppy pose” in your classes in the park, or into your YouTube videos.

Or until you find out you accidentally streamed a private yoga class on your public page.

Those are the moments when Jon’s words in Osaka, really hit home.

At 4 minutes 33 seconds, in speaking voice:

“I feel like that sometimes.
It’s true.
But when I do, I say;

The beat picks up, Jon’s voice strengthens;

“You gotta just dust yourself off.”

And I say:
You gotta put on the gloves, jump in the ring and go in there for one more fight.”

And I say:
“Self, we ain’t gonna back down this time! 
Ain’t nobody is gonna come and throw the towel in this time! 
Ain’t nobody is gonna tell me they’re gonna save my ass this time!


And then the chorus comes in.
And this time the words really hit home, and there is no way you’re gonna ever forget it again!


I m taking each day and night at a time.

Yes I’m down
But I know I ll get by.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Man, I m gonna live my life.
I’m gonna pick up all the pieces of what’s left of my pride
I’m feeling like a Monday but -“

Someday I’ll be Saturday night.

Rock Star Writer


Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
is the fourth post in
The Box Set Series

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Playlist box set:

Taking it Back (and Tokyo Road) & The Radio Saved My Life Tonight | new series: The Box Set

“Japan always seems to be getting the best shows.
As if the deal was sealed, by that enthusiastic response on that very first world tour.”

video: The Radio Saved My Life Tonight, performed in Osaka (Japan!) with a speech at 3 minutes 10 seconds, about how Jon Bon Jovi (then still without band) started his career.

In 2004 Bon Jovi created a 4-cd (1 dvd) box set with unreleased work.
In this series I discuss all of the 50 songs.

Today I’m doing two songs.
Song number 3, Taking It Back.

And the second song on the first disc, a song they played many times on the tour that followed the Box Set release;


What is immediately apparent listening to this second song on disc one of The Box Set, is that the song is a finished, polished recording.
It was obviously not dropped until the very final stages of Keep the Faith (1992)

It’s one of Bon Jovi’s lighter songs, less heavy on the guitar and drums, and that always makes it a tough cookie when it comes to winning my love.
This song is no exception.

But nevertheless:
If you were in a position as a band, that you could drop catchy songs like this for your record?

Even I understand the level you were playing at.
The very highest.


What do you get if you mix AC/DC with Bon Jovi?
Taking It Back
One of the many amazing 90s songs that were released in 2004,
on the box set 100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong.

But the song that closest resembles “Taking it back” is one of their own.
On the album 7800 Fahrenheit (1985) there is the song “Tokyo Road”.

Tokyo Road studio version (official)

Tokyo Road played live in Japan 1985, including introduction of band

7800 Fahrenheit was the album right before their biggie Slippery When Wet (1986).
It “should have” been the big break for the band and then wasn’t.

And the reason expectations were so high, is related to Tokyo Road.

The first self-titled Bon Jovi album, Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi (1984) had not brought them “world fame” but nevertheless;
It had done exceptionally well.
Not just in sales, but the band had also toured the world.
Just check this site which still contains a list of all the continents and places the then relatively unknown band from New Jersey toured with just one album under their belt;

Especially in Japan, Bon Jovi had been hugely popular.
They had been kind of shook by the attention, but (of course) also flattered.

Japan 1985

With a debut album like that, expectations for their second album were high.
Ultimately their second album wasn’t the big breakthrough they all had been expecting based upon (among other things) their popularity in Japan.
But Tokyo Road on that second album 7800 Fahrenheit, was a reminder of how far they were on their way.
They had already toured the world!

And seven years later “Take me Baaaack, baaaacck, back; Tokyo Road!”
would echo in the song called “Taking it Back” (1992/ Box Set 2004)
A song about which Jon Bon Jovi said;
“We knew that we had to take control of our own destiny and songs like ‘Taking It Back’ were sung from the point of view of that chip’s back on my shoulder and I’m ready to launch into phase two of the band’s career.”

With regard to the topic (one night stand from Tokyo Road versus the fighter’s mentality of Taking It Back) the two songs Tokyo Road (Take me back) from the Fahrenheit album, and Taking It Back, the unreleased song from 1992, might seem worlds apart.
But they are brothers in arms.

Both were written at a time when Bon Jovi wanted to prove they belonged at the top.
And both songs were ultimately largely forgotten.

And yet: Their presence had been prophetic.

Bon Jovi kept coming back to Japan, every world tour.
And from what I think I see – Japan always seems to be getting the best shows.
As if the deal was sealed, by that enthusiastic response on that very first world tour.

And Bon Jovi did raise the bar with their Keep The Faith album;
They did take back, what was rightfully theirs.

The place at the top.

Rock Star Writer


Taking it Back (and Tokyo Road) & The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
is the third post in
The Box Set Series

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Why Aren’t You Dead? | new series: The Box Set

“If you don’t have Bon Jovi there with you in the room, and want to build a party?
My suggestion is you just bring out the big guns and press play on;
“Why Aren’t You Dead” 

video: The only Bon Jovi concert that included songs from the box set. “Why Aren’t You Dead” opens the show.

In 2004 Bon Jovi created a 4-cd (1 dvd) box set with unreleased work.
In this series I discuss all of the 50 songs.
“Why Aren’t You Dead” is the first track, and it opens the concert they gave with a selection of the songs:

Jump on the table and sing along!

Jon Bon Jovi says about “Why Aren’t You Dead” which had originally been written for Keep the Faith:
“It (the song) wasn’t where we were going, it was more about where we had been, and for that reason alone it didn’t make the record.

We had grown out of this stage of writing those kind of fun clichés and moved on.”
Makes sense! 
And an upbeat song that makes you want to dance on the tables, and that contains the words “six feet under” “dead” “bed”?
We DO know that Bon Jovi song!
And we know it VERY well because it is one of the highlights of a Bon Jovi show TO THIS VERY DAY!
That song is “Sleep when I’m Dead”.
But do you know the catch?
Sleep when I’m Dead is from that very same album, Keep the Faith!
It was written around the same time as Why Aren’t You Dead.
Two similar songs;
One, Sleep When I’m Dead, which made it to the Keep the Faith record, became a single, a huge hit, and ultimately got played at nearly every show for decades to come.
One, Why Aren’t You Dead, which didn’t make it to the record until the box set came out in 2004, and which got played once.
In Atlantic City 2004.
What was the difference?
I think to this day the choice remains arbitrary;
On one hand, yes Jon is right.
Why Aren’t You Dead is a straight up rock song, and they had been rocking for years.

Sleep When I m Dead is more bluesy I think. I feel my knowledge of music falls short to accurately name it, but I can see why – from an originality perspective, Sleep When I’m Dead got in and Why Aren’t You Dead didn’t.
But do you know what strikes me, if I listen to the single (non-live) version of Sleep When I m Dead, versus the single/song Why Aren’t You Dead?
Why Aren’t You Dead ROCKS.
It moves.
It breathes.
Whereas Sleep When I’m Dead?
I’m not feeling it Jon.
It becomes clear to me, that it is the band Bon Jovi that MAKES Sleep When I’m Dead come alive, on stage.
They’re the ones breathing life into it, at that very moment!
And they do it well.
Very well.
When played live the twin song to Why Aren’t You Dead, which is Sleep When I m Dead, comes alive!
It might be the strongest live song they have ever written…

I don’t know a song that would be more of a party anthem, than Sleep When I’m Dead, performed live. Richie dials up on the guitars, Tico beats the shit out of them drums and Jon Bon Jovi just pushes and pushes and pushes until we are dancing on the bar, covered in beer and loving it!

Just see for yourself, in this magnificent  Sleep When I’m Dead, LIVE video!

But if you don’t have Bon Jovi there with you in the room, and want to build a party?
My suggestion is you just bring out the big guns and press play on;
“Why Aren’t You Dead”
Rock Star Writer


Why Aren’t You Dead?
is the second in
The Box Set Series

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Playlist box set:

Let’s Make It Baby | new series: The Box Set

“Jon Bon Jovi’s growling, grunting voice is so incredibly sexy
it will have Jim Morrison cheering from the heavens”
Today I started listening (doing yoga) to my long awaited Bon Jovi box set:
100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong
A collection of songs, most dated to the nineties, which resulted in a 5 disc set:
4 audio, and 1 dvd with background material..

There’s also a Japanese version, which has a fifth audio cd, with amazing songs on it.
Among which
“Let’s Make It Baby”
That could easily count as the most sexy Bon Jovi song ever written.
Fortunately “Let’s Make It Baby” was not just released on the rare 5th disc of a Japanese Box Set, but also (in two versions) on the Deluxe edition of New Jersey album and on a European Special Edition bonus disc of These Days.
I m not really sure which one it is (the New Jersey version or the These Days version) but I think that the person who created this seductive Jon Bon Jovi collage, thought that was beyond the point.
And it probably was.


Don’t forget to put on your audio, because Let’s Make It Baby is an incredibly strong Bon Jovi song!

And Jon Bon Jovi’s growling, grunting voice is so sexy it will have Jim Morrison cheering from the heavens.
“We’ll get the sheets all wet.
Baby, make you feel naughty.
Turn down the lights
I m going down slowly.”
Or as one comment said:
“I ain’t a smoker, but I need a cigarette after listening to this here song! DAMN!”
In theory writing an entire paragraph about a cd you re not going to cover is a bit long,
but I hope you agree there’s no such thing as talking too much about Let’s Make It Baby.
The song ranked #1 at a previous post here on this blog:
5 Unexpectedly sexual Bon Jovi songs. And how they saved me from the Dark Side
By the way, the song The End, is also on this mysterious 5th disc.
That song was not included on other sets, but famous YouTube channel hAnD90 did use it for a video, so we do have a beautiful video of (promise to shut about it after this) a song we’re not going to do:
Bon Jovi – The End (by hAnD90)
The footage hAnD90 used is from the dvd Live From London, a project that I started last week, on this blog.
So this Box Set series is going to be a series about the 4 remaining audio discs, and whatever it is that brings up.
Today I listened to the first cd, and the first song is called.
“Why aren’t you dead?”
A surprisingly upbeat song, for such a grim title.
But I ll tell you the rest tomorrow.
Rock Star Writer


Let’s Make It Baby
is the introduction to
The Box Set Series

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Reboot/ New videos expected at Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

Playlist box set:

5 Unexpectedly sexual Bon Jovi songs. And how they saved me from the Dark Side

I was on THE VERGE of writing a part deux to a Dutch post I wrote yesterday.
You see, unlike anything anybody expected to get out of this quarantine situation, our national health service thingy – the one which makes all the recommendations about what to do about the C. crisis – very unexpectedly gave us singles ONE sex buddy each!

It was almost like that joke, where the patient asks his doctor if he can play piano after his fingers were broken.
And the doctor says yes, and he answers:
“Cool! I could never do that before!”

Because we never had sex buddies.
And most singles do not have sex at all, right?
Even most people in relationships and/or married don’t have flourishing sex lives, but at least they have some options and chances- someone to focus their efforts on. And then out of the clear blue sky; Bam!
We get a free gift!
1-0 for Dutch singles!

After two-and-a-half month of quarantine we take the lead, by unexpectedly getting a One sex buddy each – voucher, during lockdown.

When technically, up until that moment, singles didn’t even exist below the belt.
And this goes in particular for the females! 

The only time we are allowed to have sex is when it happens because we feel “safe” and “special”.
READ: If we are somehow tricked into thinking he’ll have a relationship with us, then we might have sex somewhere surrounding a dating situation.
And maybe he’ll come back and make a decent woman out of us, by dating us for a longer period of time.
Or, alternatively, he doesn’t and then we automatically were “wrong” or “too soon”.

Health, exercise and mental health, are all talked about and treated and so on, far more extensively than 50 years ago. But the refusal to see that this goes hand in hand with A – privilege
Of money, time, and freedom.
And B. – sexuality
is still present.
We like talking about health when it means we can tell people off for eating unhealthy and giving them meal plans and exercise schedules.
We do not like talking about women who make their marriages toxic by being obsessed with clogged up arteries and wining about their husbands’ drinking, eating and sitting on their ass watching tv all day, numbing the noise out;
When HE would be wide awake enjoying life if he had kept chasing the ladies and taking care of his body after his wedding day;
And she would be a blushing, fun, woman hitting the gym and all the hot guys half her age, if she had given herself permission to just go for it and enjoy life.

We have very limited ideas about where we want our health and happiness to come from, and sexuality – with its massively disruptive effects and unpredictable behavior because – hey! it really does take two!- sexuality is our least favorite tool.

If a sex doctor could tell us we would add an extra twenty years to our lives if we would give up on the idea of regiment and limitations, and surrender to what our senses bring us?
Say yes to adventure, to uncertainty; Let ourselves be tempted?

We wouldn’t do it.

We would rather die underused and RIGHT; Accepted, boring but reliable;
Than to die having broken all the written and unwritten rules, and add twenty years of fun and adventure to our name.

So, considering how strict married people are to themselves, judging their own extramarital sexuality so harshly, it will come as no surprise that it is not supported in singles either.

Anyway, I feel I m drifting off but just interpret the previous paragraphs of proof of how much time I had already spent studying this, and coming to accept that it was all just so rotten and hopeless, I was not going to see the day we would normalize sex.
Because it makes it relatable as to HOW THRILLED I was with this government organisation, unexpectedly, giving us the green light to go have sex!
Like I said with the piano comparison;
So cool!
Because we never had that before.

24 Hours after that announcement, and after my blog which by the way I did not intend to write (I usually don’t write in Dutch, just about yoga or cartoons).
24 Hours after I wrote about this great news for The Netherlands, and since The Guardian wrote about our sex buddy as well, you could probably say great news for the world as a whole;

They pulled it back.
The government organization.

As a friend of mine would say:
“They pulled back their turd.”

God damn it.
I knew it!

I was so angry.
The blog had been for nothing. The joy had been for nothing. And we were back to the same patriarchal misogynistic residual Christian bullshit society we had been living in for 2000 years.
And although this Saturday was supposed to be spent buying a new vacuum cleaner and preparing for my new Bon Jovi video for tonight
 I SWORE I had to write a part deux for the Dutch blogpost!
And it was going to be FULL-ON!
I was going to destroy everything…

I was going to strike back by letting everyone know what I had already been vowing in silence at the beginning of this crisis, when I had gotten absolutely sick of the compliant, fearful, nature of the Dutch when lockdown measures were taken (suffice to say I understood why it took the Germans less than 48 hours to take this country);
That I was going to rebel for the rest of my life to make up for the miserable, fearful months, in which I was domesticated by law.
I was going to sleep with every married man, I set my eyes on.
As a principle.
The remaining part of my life would serve as a very big fuck you to a society that had behaved like chickenshits, and that had used a virus to force its restrictive unhealthy views on sexuality down everybody’s throat, by allowing only the married couples to have sex.

I could see myself go to sleep with the taste of blood in my mouth every night, of all the marriages I would cut the arteries of.
Just for fun.

I would kill for pleasure.

So, that was the dark, depressed, deplorable mental state I was in, when within 24 hours the government just snatched their gift of the sex buddy back. 
And I could not let this go.
I really thought there was no turning back. I was determined to go over to the Dark Side.

And then something happened.
It seemed insignificant at first. I noticed a new Bon Jovi fan, who was having lively interaction with some of the accounts I follow.
I checked his timeline first. I certainly didn’t need any more negativity since I was carrying enough toxins within me, to poison an entire fanbase.
I didn’t need anybody else’s.
But he checked out.

And I sent him a tweet, and soon the happy replies were mine to receive. I answered but in silence I still thought: “I will stay angry with the world!”
But he won.

And The Most Hateful Post where I declared war on married people, Dutch government, and all those not in favor of sex buddies for everybody, evaporated.
It is gone.

What were my favorite Bon Jovi songs? he asked.
And my least favorite?
And did I know this song?
And that song?

And tweet by tweet my anger just fully and thoroughly melted away. And I knew that whomever he was, he was obviously here to keep me from spreading hate.
Heal me from being angry.
And ultimately, to have a conversation about which Bon Jovi songs were the sexiest.

And so we did.

So maybe that is the big lesson, the take away here:
You can’t plan these things. Not the good, nor the bad.
You can’t plan on having sex buddies anymore than you can plan on not having them. Love and sex cannot be planned nor approved by government or by anybody else – they just happen when they do.
And usually when you least expect it.


Top 5 Sexiest Bon Jovi Songs

And the lyrics that prove it.

5. Diamond Ring (These Days, 1995)

“When you’re hungry, I will fill you up
When you’re thirsty, drink out of my loving cup”

This song probably has the strangest history out of all Bon Jovi songs.
Written for New Jersey (1988) it didn’t make the cut. Neither did it for Keep for Faith (1992).
But it has been performed live from the late 80s onward.
By the time it was released on record, they had been performing Diamond Ring on stage for years.

Letting hundreds of thousands of fans drink out of their loving cup.

4. River of Love (Richie Sambora solo, 1991)

“Take you down real slow
And then your body will quiver
And the river will flow”

When Howard Stern inducted a reunited Bon Jovi to The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, he made jokes which referred to the sexual appetite of Richie Sambora, and I don’t think any fan has any doubt which one of the two front men possessed the “raw, untamed power”, as Star Wars put it.
Yet, it actually took me until a couple of failed attempts of searching for super sexual songs or lyrics, for a variety of art projects, to realize how non-explicit Bon Jovi songs really were.
There are no sexual words in there, it’s all very coveted.

But having said that, comparing the solo records from Jon and Richie, will give you an indication of which one of the two… well.
You do the math.

3. Amen (what About now,2013)

“Honeysuckle on her lips
Sweeter than a man deserves to taste
Mercy, mercy, what else can I say?”

Much to my surprise, this – in my opinion – extremely intimate song, has been played live all the way up to their most recent tour in 2019.
Hail to Jon.

2. I’m Your Man (Burning Bridges,2015)

“When your heart is hungry
When you want a secret you can keep
You know that you can call me
Anytime for anything you need”

This is my personal favorite! 
Not just because this song describes my perfect relationship, but it’s so upbeat and fun! The odd-one-out Burning Bridges album (2015) is worth its weight in gold for many reasons, but just having that album to have I m your Man blowing from your speakers and waking up the neighborhood, would probably already suffice.
As sort of a super important PS on this song!!
This is NOT the Leonard Cohen cover song I’m Your Man, which Bon Jovi has performed several times, and which is also very sexual, but in a more…. scripted way.
It’s used as a little play, between Jon Bon Jovi and his female audience.
You can find a video of that I m Your Man cover version, with crowd interaction, at the bottom of this post.
So if you Google I m Your Man Bon Jovi – live, you will find that cover version.
But the happy, upbeat I’m Your Man as it was released on the Burning Bridges album, has never been performed live.
Making it one of the most underappreciated Bon Jovi tracks ever.

1. Let’s Make It Baby (both versions)

version 1 Let’s Make It Baby- New Jersey Deluxe 1988 (demo)

version 2: released in 1996 on a 2-disc These Days album 

“I want to play doctor.
It keeps getting harder, harder, harder to keep me away
I want to taste the sweat that’s runnin’ off of your body.
Get the sheets all wet, I wanna make you feel naughty”

If “Amen” was a tribute to Leonard’s Cohen, Hallelujah; Let’s Make it Baby, is a haunting trip all the way back to the psychedelic organ-led music of The Doors.
Including Jon Bon Jovi diving so deep into the purest and strongest of desires.
Bon Jovi’s most erotic song, will probably stay unknown forever.
Hidden, on the Dark Side.



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