#14 Basel, Switzerland June 10 | 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series (Stories)

click on the photo to go to the video review of Basel, June 10 1995

Excited to be back with the 95-96 Bon Jovi concert series!
On June 11 of this year, the audio of the Basel concert was uploaded to YouTube.
That is the big video above, which is an absolute joy to listen to.
You can find the setlist below.

My video turned out extremely well (time to abandon grainy selfie mode forever!!)
but I did totally forget one thing:
To credit the Jon Bon Jovi poster behind me, which I m sure many of you would love to buy!

I have no idea if the company sells internationally, but they ARE offering through what I think counts as “our Dutch Amazon”.
Here’s the link:
(I was not able to find an international link)

Basel is the first show after their second night in Berlin.
I didn’t find any promotional shows for June 8 or 9, so I assume they really had a little time to rest.

Basel 1995 is one of the shows where Jon Bon Jovi seems to be aware that time is limited, although it speaks for them that in 1995 2 hours and 20 minutes meant “limited”.
He refers to it twice.
Both at the start, after Wild in the Streets, as well as before the final song, where he also thanks the audience for being so amazing.

The second last song is “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night”.
I ll soon be writing a meta of that song for my Box Set series on this blog.I already created a Someday I ll be Saturday Night playlist

Originally, I started this review series in real time with the 25th anniversaries of these concerts.
But because I let that go, we are now able to benefit from new uploads that were made for the 25th anniversaries of these shows.

The audio of Basel wasn’t even available at all, until June 11 this year!
This concert was marked in my behind the scenes overview as unavailable/ not reviewable,
If you watch the #13 in this series, you can see that in the description box I indicate Austria (not Switzerland) being the next stop.

So after Basel Switzerland,
our next stop really is: Zeltweg/ Spielberg, Austria, June 11th.
See you there!


Set List June 10, 1995
Basel, Switzerland

01. Intro
02. Livin’ On A Prayer
03. You Give Love A Bad Name
04. Wild In The Streets
05. Keep The Faith
06. Blood On Blood
07. I Can’t Help Falling In Love (acapella)
08. Always
09. I’d Die For You
10. Blaze Of Glory
11. I Believe
12. Runaway
13. Dry County
14. Lay Your Hands On Me
15. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
~ Hippy Hippy Shake
~ Jumpin’ Jack Flash
~ Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone
16. Bad Medicine
~ Shout

Encore 1:
17. Bed Of Roses
18. Hey God

Encore 2:
19. Acoustic Guitar Solo
20. Wanted Dead Or Alive
21. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
22. This Ain’t A Love Song

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