Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night | new series: The Box Set

In 2004 Bon Jovi created a 4-cd (1 dvd) box set with unreleased work.
In this series I discuss all of the 50 songs.

video: Just like the previous song on the Box Set, Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night, might have gotten its most phenomenal speech in Osaka, Japan.
Check at the 4 minute marker.

click the photo for a live version (video) of Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night, recorded in Argentina

“I’m feeling like a Monday,
But someday I’ll be Saturday night.”

I have to admit I had never really listened in depth to this song, until I encountered the “I’ll be Saturday night” demo at #4 of disc one of The Box Set.

Someday I ll Be Saturday Night was released on the 1994 “best of” album, Cross Road.
An album I didn’t own, until recently.

I had also heard the song almost every time I listened to a 1995 concert to make a video for my YouTube channel.
And yet;

I didn’t really “get” Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night until I started what I would qualify as “hoarding”, different versions of the song.
Ultimately I decided on limiting it to ten years.

You can find the playlist I created here:
Bon Jovi Someday I ll Be Saturday Night 1994 – 2004

That will also give you my channel, to subscribe for my upcoming 1995-1996 Bon Jovi reviews.

The Box Set’s demo of I’ll Be Saturday Night had been the first version of a song that would be performed live, over and over and over again.
Thematically it was comparable to Livin’ On A Prayer, meaning pushing through adversity and believing in a better future.

But it was way, way more subtle
Which might also explain why I “managed to miss it” as a
n absolute gem, in particular in the live legacy of Bon Jovi. 

At the 3,5 to 4 minute marker of these live songs, Jon Bon Jovi improvises. Sometimes “just” going through all the days of the week, and how hard they are.
But sometimes, like in the above audio I included of Osaka, it was a straight up motivational speech.

It’s so unreal to think that live version in Osaka was recorded twenty years ago, and here I am in 2020.
It’s a Thursday night.
I just taught an online yoga class to friends, which I had not done in a very long time. By accident, I streamed it from one of my public pages.

Now it wasn’t nude yoga or anything, but during the class I had been very conscious of my body, and of what I will just call the “weirdness” of yoga;
Something you usually do not have to deal with, until you start including “puppy pose” in your classes in the park, or into your YouTube videos.

Or until you find out you accidentally streamed a private yoga class on your public page.

Those are the moments when Jon’s words in Osaka, really hit home.

At 4 minutes 33 seconds, in speaking voice:

“I feel like that sometimes.
It’s true.
But when I do, I say;

The beat picks up, Jon’s voice strengthens;

“You gotta just dust yourself off.”

And I say:
You gotta put on the gloves, jump in the ring and go in there for one more fight.”

And I say:
“Self, we ain’t gonna back down this time! 
Ain’t nobody is gonna come and throw the towel in this time! 
Ain’t nobody is gonna tell me they’re gonna save my ass this time!


And then the chorus comes in.
And this time the words really hit home, and there is no way you’re gonna ever forget it again!


I m taking each day and night at a time.

Yes I’m down
But I know I ll get by.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Man, I m gonna live my life.
I’m gonna pick up all the pieces of what’s left of my pride
I’m feeling like a Monday but -“

Someday I’ll be Saturday night.

Rock Star Writer


Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
is the fourth post in
The Box Set Series

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