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Because I will very likely be talking about this record soon, I will listen to it not exactly for the first time; but with a “fresh pair of ears”
1 tweet a song/ 1

song 1 Billy Get Your Guns

Totally falling for the electric guitars kicking in (at 19 seconds)
& the “bridge”or clapping intermezzo at 3 minutes 26 seconds:

song 2 Miracle

We’re cheating going straight for the video, but Hey!
It’s Joey from Friends! How can we resist.
And Jon Bon Jovi cut his tanktop open, showing off his chest.
* heart eyes *

song 3 Blaze of Glory
Promise you I will not keep doing this, but this video is ALSO just TOO GOOD to allow for an audio only.
Also: 2nd irresistible guitar riff at 22 seconds.

song 4 Blood Money

Together with Blaze of Glory, Blood Money was the only song of the album frequently played on the Keep the Faith (early 90s) and Cross Road tour (1995) .

song 5 Santa Fe

You can’t say Santa Fe without talking about The Seven Wonders Of The World, and Bon Jovi playing it live for the first time live EVER in 2010!!!

song 6 Justice in the Barrel

Indian chant from actor Lou Diamond Phillips; Enticing, mysterious intro; And Jeff Beck’s guitar HITTING HARD at 2 minutes 5 seconds!!
* heart eyes *

song 7 Never Say Die

Every Bon Jovi fan gets happiness short circuit seeing the words “Never” and “Die” in a Bon Jovi title .
And justifiably so!
What a great song!
Never say die!

song 8 You Really Got Me Now

Blame it on my limited knowledge of music, but this song with Little Richard reminds me of Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones! 

song 9 Bang A Drum

The country that would have entered this for the Eurovision Song Contest would have won!
We ALL know it in our hearts! 

song 10 Dyin’ Ain’t Much of a Livin’

Don’t go looking for the video for the French market (the only country where this was a single) & enjoy JBJ meets Elton John.

song 11 Guano City

Not a Jon Bon Jovi song, but the perfect exit music for a film, as Radiohead would call it.
And the last track of the Blaze of Glory album. 

Thank you, I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on this underappreciated album from Bon Jovi history with you.

Thank you and goodnight. 

Rock Star Writer


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