Song by Song – Bon Jovi 2020 Original Pre-Covid Album – a twitter thread –

video: “Beautiful Drug” opens the album Bon Jovi intended to release in March 2020

alternative cover created by Jimmy Flint. Click the photo for the original tweet

After writing a small review on the original album 2020 by Bon Jovi,
as it was supposed to be released in March,
I’m now going to do a song by song review, of that album.

1 song per tweet.
Let’s go!
song 1: Love is a Beautiful Drug

Had the world still made sense in October 2020 the upbeat, catchy “Love is a Beautiful Drug” would still be the opening song.

Including at 2:30 the best “bridge” of the 21st century:

song 2 Unbroken

I never knew what people meant when they tweeted “don’t @ me” after a statement.
Now I do.

The top heavy, dramatic “Unbroken” is EXACTLY RIGHT –
when listened after “Love is a Beautiful Drug”

song 3 Walls

Is this correct?
Was the “This Is House Is Not For Sale”
2018 bonus track “Walls”,
really meant for the March release of 2020?

It sure is a perfect match.
(for the Oct edition it was dropped)

song 4 Luv Can

Evidence @jonbonjovi Has Been Telling The Truth When He Said He Had No Idea Livin’ On A Prayer Was Really That Good

Intense and beautiful Luv Can was accidentally dropped for Oct edition of 2020


song 5 Lower the Flag

Contemplative song about violence throughout America, and just like many of the other songs a strong and surprising “second half”!

And listen to Jon’s voice!
Its maturity has become an asset

song 6 Story Of Love

Whether we think of our children or of our parents;
Or perhaps of the parents we never had,
the love we could not give or never received;

Most of us will need a moderate stack of Kleenex here

song 7 Brothers in Arms

Strong rock song with lots of guitars!

Really like the building of the pressure with:
“It’s a hard rain that’s gonna fall on the city
Still a hard rain that’s gonna fall on the farm”

song 8 Let it Rain

And here we have the rain dripping straight into the next song!
Themes, words and musical choices used in previous songs, are repeated here.

There was a reason we used to have concept albums.

song 9 Shine

In the light of the epic “Luv Can” being dropped for the 2020 (Oct),
the loss of modest ballad “Shine” seems passable.

Except that it isn’t.

We didn’t wait 4 years to have them drop gems like this.

song 10 Blood In The Water

Was it out of character for @BonJovi to end so strong?
Why else was this magnificent song moved?!

Shark and Satan rich symphonic rock that contains an entire multigenerational novel.

The March edition of Bon Jovi’s 2020, contained 10 songs.
Three were dropped and three were added.

The official “2020” (October edition) is now available on vinyl, cd, and all streaming services.

And I heard they got a Christmas surprise for us 😉

Thank you for reading.

Rock Star Writer.

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