How to ROCK your biz online, serve fans, make millions, and have everybody THROW their credit card at you.

I m going to open this blog post with a tweet that says how you want your Google reviews to be,
how you want your tribe to think of you,
how you want your FANS (aka customers or clients) to GLOW after having purchased your service.
Here it is: “Almost better than sex.” and a blush on their cheeks.
That is the kind of response we’re looking for.

The tweet you just saw was my response to attending a free live chat on the now emptied out channel hAnD90 (see yesterday’s post, on why hAnD90’s channel is gone),
but you’re going to want that desired response even more for any product or service people paid for.
Like for example, if your name is Bon Jovi, and due to Covid you have to take your business model online.

“Almost better than sex” is what we’re looking for, and here’s how to ROCK being a business online, make millions, get the fans, thoroughly satisfy all, throw in an encore, and another one,
ake them BEG for more;
How to 


So are you still with me out there?
Then fasten your seat-belts, because for the next three headers, my ass is yours.

the three things to make your biz ROCK online

1. Show up and show up HARD!

I don’t know what it is about Jon Bon Jovi’s presence in the online space, or general showing up in front of a camera, but whatever THAT is, that he brings to a live performance on a real stage?

Oh, he’s that leaving it at home.

I have not seen that RAW unapologetical Let.Me.Show.You.How.It’s.DONE! energy anywhere, since touring stopped in 2019.
Since late last year, when the first work of the new Bon Jovi album “2020” was shared with the public, it became clear this would be a  serious album.
The tone was a lot bleaker than Bon Jovi had ever been, b
ut Covid inspired additions to the album, and lack of touring, might have given Bon Jovi’s upbeat rock n roll power, the final blow.

The live streams looked pale, compared to anything we had seen in all those years.

So the first lesson if you want to make it online is:
Show up and show up HARD
Just like a rock show this thing ain’t gonna work, if people “can’t hear you in the back.”;
You need to be loud.
You need to be bold.
And you need to take showing up online, as
serious as Jon Bon Jovi took his live performances for over three decades.

Amp it up!
And then amp it up some more!

2. ask for the sale, always

If you re online people do not buy because you’re selling a unique service.
People also don t buy because you’re offering more for less either.

They buy because they relate to YOU, root for YOU, and then they will basically buy whatever it is you want to sell.

Jon Bon Jovi could be selling gym memberships this week, high-ticket entrance to his inner-circle over the weekend, and start fresh on Monday selling $5 tickets to a rerun from a premium This House is Not For Sale concert, where he will be attending online and we’ll all be sharing our favorite Bon Jovi tour memories.

Or there can be a weekly offer selling concerts/ tour bundles, which will then be uploaded to your Bon Jovi dashboard. 
Imagine the appeal, of collecting them all – how as a fan you just want to unlock all the bundles, all the concerts, you can see right before you on the dashboard.
Now there’s a business model for you.

Yet generic memberships programs, the way many online service providers have them, are unsatisfying.
Not in the least to your wallet, both from the purchaser as the business.

But specialized memberships programs, that offer whatever it is the client is interested in, can be amazing.

In Bon Jovi’s case you could have:
Memberships programs with interaction with Jon.
Memberships programs around affiliated merchandise, sweaters etc.
Memberships programs around musical merchandise, vinyl, etc.
Memberships programs around buying videos and video bundles, f.e.buying recordings of one leg of a tour, or individual concert.

You can sell the online bundles at a 50% discount, in the week you premiere them, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat, what will be released next.
Credit card in hand!

Make selling part of your everyday routine. 
You are showing up for everyone.
You are in a relationship with everyone.
And you’re selling to everyone.

Practice it until asking for the sale is as natural as breathing.

3. Always overdeliver

The current discussion, the one that made hAnD90 take down his YouTube channel, revolved around hAnD90 having shared content that was said to be part of a membership program.
The question arose:
“If this content is shared in the public space, what are we paying for?”

“We” should be paying because we want to
because they re overdelivering so much, that we will not care about about two videos leaking and are still delighted with our purchase.

If you want to make it online, you want to be overdelivering so much on your FREE content already, everybody so involved, hanging onto every word, that they are just waiting to pay you.
That it’s a natural progression of what you have on a day to day basis.

Overdelivering for paid content means: Give a discount, add in bonuses, make surprise appearances, and make people feel just really good about their purchase.

If you attend to the relationship so well people WANT to pay you, AND overdeliver, it will not matter at all if some of it has leaked, or if technically they could have gotten the content somewhere else for free, or for less.
Because your offer will have so many whistles and bells on it;

It’s rocking the house.

When you show up as strong as Jon Bon Jovi shows up on stage;
When you consistently ask for the sale, tell them what you’re selling right now, and do it knowing that you’re actually doing them a disservice NOT to tell them how to join or go next level if they want to;
And when you always overdeliver on what you bring to the table;

You’re going to ROCK your biz online, serve fans, make millions,
and have everybody THROW their credit card at you.

Even when you’re not Bon Jovi.

Rock Star Writer

update December 2020

As long as the hAnD90 channel is down, all Bon Jovi related series on this site and my YouTube have been suspended.

Curious how the Bon Jovi/ hAnD90 saga will pan out, and what on earth we re gonna talk about should I drop out of being a fan?
So am I!
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