hAnD90 Channel Down | THE END of Bon Jovi on this site?

This is my last post until:
– the site from hAnD90 is back up
– January 2021, when it will continue Bon Jovi- free, probably as Rock Star Yoga

I could not find an image of that beautiful logo that hAnD90 used at the beginning of every Bon Jovi concert video:
A hand.

You could already hear the audio in the background, usually the crowd cheering, sometimes Jon talking.
And after the image of the hand had slowly drifted closer towards you,
it would disappear, and you would see where you were.
In a stadium.
A hall.
Or a more intimate setting.

For I believe ten years plus, Dominik’s YouTube channel hAnD90, has been a beacon for us fans.
And my site Rock Star Writer or Rock Star Yoga as it was called in the first year, is just as much a tribute to his channel hAnD90 as it is to Bon Jovi.

The first time I knew I was going to see the name hAnD90 a lot more often, was when I saved the recording of the concert, Nijmegen Netherlands 2019, knowing I would listen to it over and over again.
It was his, he had received the recording from friends.
Suddenly I knew who the two men were right behind me, who had refused to speak when I said something:
They didn’t want to ruin the recording with their voices!

The hAnD90 recording from Nijmegen, Netherlands 2019, was recorded from the golden circle and it was one of the many excellent recordings, of four decades of Bon Jovi concerts, that had the (I m gonna say it!) honor to be remastered by hAnD90. 

I refuse to go into full-on obituary mode here, after all I don’t even know what happened to the channel.
All I know is that Jon Bon Jovi’s brother has been inquiring which channel had shared exclusive “JBJ experience” members-only recordings on YouTube, and next thing anyone knows hAnD90’s channel is cleared out.

So not going into obituary mode means:
I m not going to look back on who hAnD90 WAS (past tense), and that his description boxes got so personal and at the same time very techy, which I found an enticing combination!
I refuse to see this as The End – 
To commemorate just one brilliant video hAnD90 made.

If this should be final, I will do more research and write a piece about the hAnD90 channel.
But not today.

I also think this is not the time to share my take on business models, 
but I will say that anyone who thinks art can be protected by putting a paywall around it, has got it wrong.

Anyone built for the future is in a continuous conversation with their fans and they can pay to be closer to you, to be in your energy. 
That’s it.
Payment is almost a symbolic thing: It is because you give so much value, that people are happy they can finally pay you.
You pay for the experience of being part of a community; Not because you can’t get the products or digital products cheaper or free somewhere else. 

However, from this day forward, I will never speak or write of them again, as long as the hAnD90 channel is down.
I m quitting all series here, and my YouTube series of Bon Jovi concerts 1995-1996. 
And not just because I looked forward to reviewing the concerts hAnD90 had remastered, but as a principle.

There is so much I want to say, about the business model, about bootlegging (Jon’s loud: “Bootleggers roll your tapes!” has been the inclusive message ever since the 90s!), about how it is the fans that ultimately make the tribe.
Yes, you can remove all your bootlegs from YouTube.
Just ask Guns N Roses.

The reason this site is NOT about Guns N Roses, is because they do not have that legacy. I have nothing to work with.
A handful of GNR albums, and all bootlegs removed….

But Bon Jovi has stayed in business throughout, always making records,
surviving even the departure of their lead guitarist.
But it were the bootlegs on YouTube and hAnD90s remastered recordings that made the fandom ALIVE.

It were the fans who breathed life into Bon Jovi, just as much as they gave it to us.

Ironically the songs hAnD90 posted were called Shine and Luv Can.

As Axl Rose would say:
“Take that one to heart.”

Rock Star Writer

Curious how this will all pan out?!
So am I!
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