New Year’s Day | Welcome to the new random Bon Jovi blog where we have no idea what we’re gonna do (and why that’s a good thing)

Click to watch a newly remastered 35 minute video from the concert Bon Jovi gave on New year’s Eve, 1990

The first of January is my strongest day of the year. You could even say that knowing it will soon come, is what gets me through December. 

New Year’s Day doesn’t just mark new beginnings, with the days getting longer and a full year ahead, it’s also the ending of a season where all my days seem to disappear somewhere under Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, meal planning, buying and or designing seasonal postcards, and so on.

In January we start over, to make ourselves or our lives aright.
At least, that’s how I see it.

So today was indeed spent doing the things I from now on want to do daily, as well as having a great time with friends, and walking and sunlight and cycling and being very excited for the whole new year-
but now at the end of the day, I feel:
For this Rock Star Writer project I have very little to show for….

It’s like so much has failed for this site, as well as for the YouTube series, that although I am still enthusiastic for about 80% of the projects, they are all so far behind on schedule that I almost don’t dare to show up for them.
Don’t dare to bring them back to memory, by picking them up!

As long as I keep them hidden under the last posts, no one will know. As long as I don’t post a new video, no one will know how much time has passed.

But then again: That is not how I want to start the year.
Or at least, it’s not how I want to start January 2nd.

So I ve decided to “come clean”.
To be honest about the mess I made, and take responsibility for not doing the things I said I was gonna do.
And what you can expect in 2021.


This site and channel started in 2019 as Rock Star Yoga. And I ve created about 50 videos for YouTube on juicy topics (I remember videos where I now can’t believe I dared to share that!) but also really novel ones that basically came down to a 50/50 mix of yoga and personal development with Bon Jovi.
And the result was really great.

But due to a combination of factors, some technical and some personal, I started feeling very conscious of the content.
And on top of that, the description boxes kept getting out of date, because I went through some changes with my offerings, website names etc.

A few weeks ago I started restoring them – which was a great idea.
But I also turned it into a new project where I blogged the restored video, and adding a new blog post as well.
In retrospect that’s when I got overwhelmed.
But blogging/ restoring my old content was not the first thing that failed.
I also had a series Live from London, which had stranded.

A series The Box Set, which had stranded.
And a YouTube series on concerts from 1995, that had also stranded.

But now the mess was so big that I have decided to cancel all series (The Box Set, Live In London, restoring old videos) and only pick up the YouTube concert series, from everything I started in 2020.

So I will commit to reviewing the Bon Jovi concerts 1995-1996.
You can subscribe to my YouTube to see them.

And for the blog?
I will do what has worked, time and time again, which is a line I even repeated in every description box on YouTube (too bad I didn’t understand its implications!).
It was:

“Blog with its own unique stories (+ address to this site) “

This blog Rock Star Writer will have its own, unique, one-off, single-shot stories of whatever comes up.

I’m singing Carpe Diem
I’m saying seize the day
Come on, let’s live forever
It’s new year’s day

from Bon Jovi, New year’s Day 2016 

Let 2021 be the year where we do not plan ahead.
And make it Carpe Diem instead.

Rock Star Writer

The New Rock Star Writer 

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