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No Yoga is not just my quest to find the yoga back I lost;
it can free all of us rebels from constantly hitting dead ends in yoga,
because it’s just way too slow and boring.

Or, alternatively, we conclude after further investigation that there is no life left in it;
And we turn our backs on it forever.
Which in my case means; burning a 20 year yoga legacy, and admitting I wasted half my life.

But I sense No Yoga is that thing we all wanted, but never dared to ask.

Sign up is required tho!

-> here’s my new YouTube channel that will be entirely dedicated to this journey.

And maybe I ll find out, I m done with yoga and never want to have anything to do with it!

It is a laboratory, a search.
Yoga could have died on me.

But if not expect frequent reports/ vlogs on:
– if I can roll out my mat, preferably without gagging
– find the joy in what I once called yoga
– forget everything that came after (which was a lot)
– bring Guns N Roses to my yoga mat
– and Bon Jovi
– and maybe Jon Bon Jovi’s soul searching solo album Blaze of Glory, although I I m afraid we’re at least half a year away from being that introspective.

Either way, let’s find out; Buckle up and enjoy the ride.
Swearing allowed!

No Yoga
No Rest For The Wicked
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No Yoga is YouTube only and the reports are not posted to this Rock Star blog, nor to my regular YouTube channel.
Those are rock/ stories/Bon Jovi only.

Rock on, and see you soon!

Rock Star Writer

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