My 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series Quits (YouTube)

Purpose is what you can do with your eyes closed. (not half-baked after 10 hours of preparation)

It was the moment when Jon covers Richie’s eyes, while he is in the middle of a guitar solo, that I realized that I was never going to get this right.
“This” being creating Bon Jovi concert reviews.

It had once seemed like a super cool idea.
Before I realized every video takes me ten hours of preparation time, plus the additional three of shooting and typing the box, solving upcoming problems, getting the documentation right.

Before my projects started multiplying, my YouTube channels doubled, and so did my blogs.
The work under my pen name still shrieking at top of its lungs when I m finally getting around to publishing that.
My old YouTube videos, among which my entire yoga legacy, untouched for weeks again.

When Covid ends I never want to spend another minute behind my computer.
Fair; I am a writer.
Fair; I can’t stop that.
Fair; I will write to the day I die.
I know all that.

But other than that?
There are days I wish for a life when I only have a notebook and a pen.
A phone for the occasional Facebook update which I ll type STRAIGHT into the box and never blog.
A time when I never touch a computer again.

There are days I swear that after this pandemic, I m going offline to never return.

I have no idea how that will pan out, and what will come true. But the sense of urgency is overwhelming!
An overwhelming urgency to curate, save, publish, and store, anything that I do not want to lose.
Because when Covid’s over?
I m out!

And the concert reviews did not make it to the short-list of things I m going to keep on.
They were driving me insane.
Not only were they a burden time-wise, keeping me from my Noah’s Arc work of saving what should not get lost;.
It was also an inverted Richie Experience.

Where Richie Sambora can still play guitar even when Jon covers his eyes, I could not get “it” right even after I had put in ten hours.

My reviews stayed mediocre at best, even if I had watched the concert registration with my eyes wide open.

And no one to playfully close them for me.

Maybe that was the problem with this series, and this whole entire rotten Covid year;
At some point, loneliness just got the better of me.

Rock Star Writer

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