Bite-size nuggets! 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series Returns (YouTube)

09f0c0f1b0e75072f466ca1c6c64d944I see it is two weeks ago that I broke the news that I saw no way to pick up making reviews about Bon Jovi concerts, on YouTube.

That it took me hours hours and more hours to interpret every frame, the body language, the story behind it;
To decipher every word in particular from the in-between songs speeches or the moments I swore we were getting alternative lyrics;
Only to then have to simplify and dumb down my findings to a spoken word review that was ideally under 10 minutes.

90% or more of what I had to say about the concert got lost or never made it to the video.

I once wrote a blog post after making the video;
A blog post where I shared all the extra information.
But this did not make the process, the series, more manageable. In fact it may have been the first moment I realized it was hopeless and that it was never going to be done.

Like the queen in Rumpelstiltskin having to sort out a room filled with straw, reviewing the 1995/1996 tour from Bon Jovi was an impossible assignment that would never be complete.
And I was lucky if no one took my firstborn in retaliation for not completing it!
I saw no way but to quit.

But maybe the fact that I never made a goodbye video for the channel, and the fact that I kept posting/ adding the link to the YouTube channel on all my blogs, revealed I was not done with the series…..
That I didn’t know HOW. But that I still wanted it!

Maybe reviewing Bon  Jovi concerts from 1995-1996 was never meant to be one of those projects that end.
What if it was allowed to go on for ever?

What if I started all over again with that second night in Wembley, a video for which I had already invested 5 hours or more when I quit, yet I had had nothing to show for regardless of how many times I printed the set list, made notes which speeches to listen into again and so on;
What if I started that second night in Wembley all over again;
But made reviews about only parts of the video?

For example a five minute review of the first 30 minutes?
And a few days after the next 5 minute video about the next 30 minutes?

What if the Bon Jovi concert series 1995-1996 was not a “project”;
But a practice?
Meaning the aim was to practice listening, watching, reviewing, making a video.

And the aim was not, to one day complete it.

So here we are.
Two weeks after I swore I would never lay one finger, never review one more 1995 Bon Jovi concert ever again, because the frustration over my own inadequacy to create momentum was eating me alive!
And it’s six weeks after the first night in Wembley review.

I’m starting again.

Studying Bon Jovi videos, or audio only, starting back at second night Wembley *
And making the first bite-size nugget video, as soon as I have like an A4 of notes or something.

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And probably until the end of time!

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* The recording of the concert second night at Wembley stadium is at the bottom of this post

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