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Jon Bon Jovi revealed here with Julie Brown, that he wakes up with a fishbowl full of coffee. And that he’s a great flirt.

I often realize that I have never communicated what my *cough*  business model is. This is because I’m so vastly uncomfortable with it, that unconsciously I m still waiting to be saved from it.
Because surely, something better should come along, right?
But it never did.

So last week, I reconciled with what I have known for half a year or longer:
That there is no business model.

I make things and then you give me money if you want to.
That’s it, that’s the business.

So I ve suspected for a while now, that I need to become as savvy as they come with regard to choosing my donation options.
And that I’m not even a full member of the “creator economy”! Which still has the aura of transaction, that selling something (early access, extra content, personal access) however volatile, is still at the core of the business model.

On a side-note: I m also the only blogger in the world who does not like Substack, which is a highly praised platform for writers.
Creators can have subscribers, but there is no shame on having everything set to “public”.
It would have been ideal, if didn’t instinctively dislike it. And after following a famous Dutch writer and supporting a hilarious American writer there – who I should have stuck with supporting because if not her, then what hope is there in the world for people like me who write far less comical? – after that I disliked Substack even more.

And if even the gentle, artist friendly platforms Substack and Patreon are not to your liking, then trust me; You need extra time to process how totally out of whack it is, what you want to do.
How “not done”.

But when I recovered from being the financial harlequin among bloggers, I pulled myself up by my chequered bootstraps, and stuck to my tinklers.
I create. You give. Or not, because your freedom to give what you want, is only matched by my freedom to create whatever I want. And those options include “nothing”.

I m guessing in that red cup, there’s a little bit of coffee straight from the fishbowl’s mouth…

And then I learned about a platform that immediately clicked, “Buy Me A Coffee”. Even though it had limited payment options (G Pay and credit card), but initially I thought that might have been a choice by the creator I have sponsored with it. 
It wasn’t.
I haven’t found a way to activate or find other payment options than those two either, although the platform promised to support local payment systems and I always thought entire Europe pays with debit card by now, but okay.
Maybe I missed something and installing more payment options is just another thing I ll discover in the future…

Because I definitely missed something else last week, when I finalized my decision and created a Buy Me A Coffee account!
Oh dear.

And as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to change it, and after that replace the link on all the outlets where I had already mentioned the Buy Me A Coffee link.
Which were at least 1 YouTube video, one Dutch about page, one Dutch blogpost, and three different social media, but it could have been even more.

Meanwhile I kept working, and new material was saved in drafts, thinking I would be able to post them soon.
One unposted Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs video, one White Tigress yoga video, and one drafted Daily Bon Jovi blog later, I just put myself on a creators embargo until I had it fixed.

The mistake I had made when I had finally committed to being a donation based creator and make a Buy Me A Coffee account, was that I had overlooked that I had to manually change the user handle.
So unless I identified with being “nFFDP4LFsW”, I had to go into my account and come up with a limited-digit user handle that was more pleasing to the eye.
I soon discovered I couldn’t use my whole name: Suzanne Beenackers was too long.
And because I didn’t have an alternative, I left it that way for three pieces of unpublished English Rock Star content.

Until I realized something! Wait a minute! I had published a Dutch blog, so apparently I wasn’t too worried about that audience ending up clicking the page with the numeric handle!
And it “clicked”.

Because although there will be Dutch people, like me supporting the YouTube creator of my choosing, that will support me through Buy Me A Coffee;
It really is primarily an international thing.

I do not have to have a link/ handle that matches my Dutch outlets:
I can choose an English one.
So today, after one week of letting all my English content fall by the wayside and ultimately me stopping to create (and getting quite desperate tbh), I logged onto the site and typed letter by letter, anxious if it would not be too long!

And it fit!

So for those with a credit card, G Pay, and with a joyous desire to pay me, I now have a Buy Me A Coffee account, with a beautiful link:

We’re there.

Rock Star Writer

☕️ Buy me a coffee
🥳 PayPalMe

That was it! 

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