30 minutes of heaven | EP Man – Bas Beenackers, solo debut

The album presentation in a chapel in Oud-Zuilen. Little bear Puux and me posted our collage on Twitter.

Before I left the after party to the album presentation of “Man”, from Utrecht’s My Blue Van frontman Bas Beenackers, I asked him how bad he would feel if my post about his first solo record resulted in a call to plug it in, amp it the f up, and to wake up the neighbors?
On a scale from 1 to 10?
Because in theory, that is what I do best.

In a not so long ago past, when I still felt I could develop something called Rock Star Yoga (I no longer feel that, I feel like I need to give it a rest. My years-long involvement has not benefited it, and I trust it will find its form in my absence so I can pick it up when I know what it is), someone once asked me how I was going to combine yoga and Bon Jovi, suggesting if maybe “the philosophy” was going to be Bon Jovi’s?
Although it wasn’t meant as a serious suggestion, I answered;
“Well, yeah! It kind of is!”

Because Bon Jovi’s active, push back, go get ’em approach IS exactly what yoga has been lacking!
It’s the directionless “just feel what it does to you” approach, that had unwittingly been depleting me all along.
And that I for one, desperately needed out, before it was ever going to work again between me and yoga.   

The energy of Bon Jovi’s anthems were, and are, the perfect antidote to the feeling I lost myself, during my yoga career.
I was okay, and then one career later, it had destroyed me.
I went in a grown woman sure of herself, with a Tommie by her side, and we had each other.
I came out an insecure wreck who was afraid to stand in her own power, my Tommie was long gone.
And although I’m happy in my love life as a single now, I can’t help but wonder if I had stayed in my power, would we still have each other, AND have made it?

If I had to choose, I’d recommend Bon Jovi’s anthems rather than yoga.
And  Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction rather than meditation.
And I don’t say that because I have 15 years of “What the f happened” to unpack.
I say that because anyone ever listening to a rock record, and enjoying it, will tell you exactly the same thing.

So although I had listened to “Reason” the single from the EP Man, insatiably  on repeat – and would have been able to give him a cue if he had blacked out in the chapel in Oud Zuilen – I didn’t quite get my head around “Cherry” the second single.
And besides, acoustic guitar against plugged in amped up electric guitar? Oh, that’s just no match.

So I was convinced I would like the first two My Blue Van albums, As Colors Change and Hush, better than the singer songwriter album Man.
And that therefor this blogpost about “Man” would inevitably, result in a call to arms to go back to the rock sound of the first two My Blue Van albums;
And all the shows they gave…
Oh man!

All those venues, so well known in The Netherlands, because they all have their legendary stories!
“Pearl Jam played there.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
And Dutch band The Golden Earring and the legendary Herman Brood.
Those stages, those places, those venues.
Where the stage is dark, with bright stage lights, and the smoke from machines is reminiscent of the 20th century where for decades people just smoked during concerts.
THOSE kind of venues.
THAT kind of music.

“Bas, if my post ends in a call to plug it the fuck in, amp it up, and rock the  frickin’ house!!
How bad would you feel about that?

On a scale from one to ten.”

And as he looked at me smiling, with those intensely blue eyes, he said in that slow husky drawl;
“I leave that entirely up to you.”

Bas Beenackers’ solo EP Man, is probably the best album you will hear this entire year.

For those who know Bas Beenackers (1985) from his electrifying live shows with My Blue Van, the sound of Man will take some getting used to.
No howling distorted guitar, funky drums or raucous screaming vocals. None of that. His first solo EP features intimate, acoustic songs, bare and vulnerable.
full article 

“Man” is 30 minutes of heaven.
The album was presented in an old chapel in Oud-Zuilen, and the guitar and Bas’ voice sounded nothing short of angelic.
And its melancholic tone, makes it the perfect companion for the month of September, when we look back on this summer and our lives slowly get back to normal. 

For full effect, listen with headphones, and it is guaranteed to make any drizzly workday better. 
And also make any movie better or any commercial more effective, this material could start a serious bidding war on the commercial market. 
Buy the EP “Man” from Bas Beenackers here.
Including the singles “Reason” and “Cherry” which eventually became my favorite track.

Buying the album is €10 straight into the pockets of a singer songwriter who made a deeply spiritual album, that will give you a touch of paradise in the midst of war torn, polarized world.

And waiting for your delivery, listen to the album that needs a reissue with lightning speed, because it is no longer available:
My Blue Van –  As Colours Change (2013) [Spotify exclusive]
My Blue Van – Hush (2015)

And amp it the fuck up.

Rock Star Writer

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Get a taste of the LIVE magic!!!
My Blue Van, Who is there to know (live), from the album Hush:

That was it! 

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