Silent Night? Silent autumn and winter, I’m afraid. { I burned my fuses }

Unfortunately, this is not one of those posts that will only increase in value with time. Not a precious new addition that will be picked up by search engines and Google Android reader, months from now.
But fortunately, it is also not a post that has disturbing news such as “this site is changing”.
Because it is not changing!

My vision for this site is still the same as the day I changed this site from rockstaryoga to rockstarwriter, which was pre-pandemic if I’m not mistaken.

Which is to write music-inspired long reads, and the official series are to write posts about Bon Jovi’s box set (2004) and to write about Bon Jovi’s 1995 90 minute Wembley recording Live From London.
And I had decided that the Live from London series would also cover all the extra songs, available on a 3-ish hour bootleg version of that night in Wembley.
But I haven’t written for either one of those series for over a year now.

In 2022 I have only written a few longreads, about The Red Hot Chili Peppers in The Netherlands;
A playlist for Jon Bon Jovi’s 60th birthday;
And I wrote about three live performances I saw this year, Guns N Roses, and two local bands/artists.
And that’s it, that was 2022.

But this summer, I wrote many accidental long reads for a blog called #dailybonjoviyoga.
And just like this blog, which was renamed Rock Star Writer, pretty soon after having opened as Rock Star Yoga-
in the same manner #dailybonjoviyoga was redubbed #dailybonjovilive a few days ago.
Because I only wrote about live concerts, and hardly if ever about yoga.

So clearly, my biggest inspiration this year came from the live concerts. Attending them AND listening to them! 

I will start harvesting, cleaning up, and rewriting, all the relevant long-read blog posts I wrote for that other blog, and repost them here.
So that we can close 2022 here on the Rock Star Writer blog, with a strong list of new additions.

But listening to concerts is taking a toll on my mental health, because I think I burned some innerfuse this summer! 

I hear snippets of Bon Jovi music in my head all day, and when I go to bed at night it’s even worse. As if three radios are playing simultaneously.
My brain is no longer able to make sense of everything I have been listening to.

It mixes Bon Jovi with whatever movie I saw last, or series I watched.
And when I close my eyes, I see moving images that belong in sci-fi movies.

It’s like a mental filter, that should have been there, is no longer there. Since this summer, I’m in a constant state of overstimulation.
So I just gave up on going to a concert from Bon Jovi tribute Bounce, a show I was going to attend in November, in Germany.
And I had been counting the days to go, since last August! 

So ARE YOU ready to rock?!
Then make your final months of 2022 memorable!

Bon Jovi tribute band Bounce is touring Germany:
An amazing experience.

YouTube playlist here: Tribute band Bounce (est. 2001) + singer Oliver Henrich 

For me personally, attending was no longer an option. I would have woken up sick the next day. And two train rides and hours away from home, just like I had woken up after Guns N’ Roses. Barely able to move, and more in need of Paracetamol than breakfast.

So no live music for me, for now…. I really want to sort myself out, sooner rather than later because a Rock Star Writer that can’t attend rock concerts, is at the stage of not being able to do her work. So let’s hope this is temporary and that I m back on the road soon.

Until then I will be taking it the slowest of slow, these final months of 2022. There will be more than one silent night.

Silent Night is a Bon Jovi track from the second Bon Jovi album, 7800 Fahrenheit (1985). An album that was lost in history.
Silent Night was one of the songs from that second album, which was added to the setlist, for the 1985 tour. It had a special part to play, because it was the only ballad of Bon Jovi’s first and second album.

Silent Night stayed on the setlist until the beginning of 1987. By then Slippery When Wet, the band’s third album, had effectively shot them to super stardom and the band was dropping more and more songs of their older work.
Early 1987 it was Silent Night’s turn to make way.

They replaced it with a song that is a fan favorite, to this day. If it had not been for “Wanted Dead or Alive” getting all the attention, this other ballad  from Slippery When Wet would have been better remembered.
Its message still resonates today.

Never Say Goodbye.

Rock Star Writer

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Never Say Goodbye 6 February 1990 Santiago, Chile

That was it! 

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