Show. Up. { Prayer Intro } | Live From London Series

I immediately noticed something was missing when I clicked on what looked like a YouTube upload of the dvd Live From London.
At 1 hour and 24 minutes, it was about right, although I remembered the dvd to be 90 minutes.
But hey!
Why would someone sneakily cut six minutes out of a Bon Jovi concert right?

And yet, the moment I watched the intro I knew Jon taking the stage was missing.

That you don’t start a dvd with Jon having magically appeared out of thin air at the mike, in his stone washed New Jersey jacket, black blouse with white stripes, chest hair luscious in a way we would never see again after it was taken off less than a year later for his movie role in The Leading Man;
Wearing his black bandana with white design tied around the head in the wide yet sturdy fold and wrap technique, only he and Axl Rose ever seemed to have mastered;
And the first words of this Magically Appearing Front Man being;
“Tommy used to work on the docks!”

That’s now how it works.
There is a “before”.
There is a leading up to.
There is anticipation.

In the previous chapter I referred to the long audience shots clapping in “We Will Rock You”-style.
And you don’t let the viewer wait, watching a sea of clapping hands, only to then cut to-
He’s already there.

So I knew the 1 hour 24 minute concert version I had found on YouTube was not the real dvd; It had been tampered with.
And I was right.
Both a YouTube clip of “Livin’ On A Prayer” from that concert, which I have included at the top of this post,
as well as the full 90 minute show Live In London which is available on Vimeo, and which I have included at the bottom of this post,
show the full intro of Livin’ On A Prayer.

We see Tico Torres standing behind his drums in a white vest, clapping with the crowd.
And then the camera shot from over the crowd, retreats back into the darkness of the side of the stage, we’re looking into the sun.
We see the silhouette of a tall, rangy man, walking up to the edge of the stage.
Sharp cut to a close shot at eye level:
Ritchie Sambora!

He takes a bow, rising back up, his small round sunglasses mirror the Wembley stadium and the clear blue sky.
Long dark mane, and long black coat adding to a rough cowboy-like look.  
He gives the crowd a battle cry; “Yeah!”
Fist pumping in the air.

There is tangible concentration when the musicians set up the almost monotone, slow moving base sound with Tico Torres using a mark tree, a percussion instrument that consists of a set of hanging metal-like pipes.
Until after a few seconds that moment we have all been waiting for when Richie folds his mouth over the talk box, and gives us the signature sound that will become Livin’ On A Prayer.
Richie’s almost synthesizer like tones join the auspicious baseline that the other instruments have set up.
The sounds from the talk box moves fluently up and down, as if gently caressing us.

Until we here the thin sound of a drumstick to the cymbals:
“Tick tick tick”


“Tick tick tick”

The Livin’ On A Prayer drums take over, a  drum roll if ever there was any!

And a sound that I can only describe in a way that does not do justice to what many consider the best song of the best rock n roll band since the 80s:
– in my defense; English is not my first language! – but here we go:

Oompa oompa oomp!
(repeat endlessly)
(keep it going)
(trust me on this)

And it is there! On the sounds of Oompa oompa oomp! that the man of the hour, the rock legend Jon Bon Jovi takes the stage with a run that goes into an energetic jumping up and down, legs wide, two feet jumping in the air again and again.
A wide grin over-viewing the stadium and just like Richie he has his fist in the air!

He stands with the microphone and in his talking voice, he delivers us the intro that we all know from the thousands and thousands of times we’ve heard this song:
“Once upon a time.
Not so long ago.”

All this (I m now pointing and waving at the past paragraphs describing the epic rock star beginnings of this show ) was not included in the dvd upload I found on YouTube, and with that one of the biggest takeaways from this show was lost;
How to make an entrance.
How to consciously, and conscientiously, show up. 

I once attended a yoga workshop from an internationally acclaimed yoga star slash yoga guru, which I ended up hating and considered a waste of my time and money. And yet the lesson he taught in his first five minutes is one I will never forget:
What is the basis for every relationship?

The answer was: You show up.

It is THAT choice, where you make the first commitment.
Either you give away your power, if you show up for things you don’t want.
Or you use it to show up for the things that you do want.

Show up for your yoga, was what this teacher hinted at.
But it goes for every area of life; Are you showing up for it?
Are you even THERE for the thing or the person or the hobby or the business or the audience or the 80.000 fans, to have a relationship with you?

And then, if you ve got that, if you know and decide that from now on “Hell Yes! I m gonna show the f up for my art, for my family, for my dreams, for my fans, for my LIFE!”
Then this opening sequence of Bon Jovi in Wembley 1995 uplevels that for you.

Make your showing up as deliberate, as epic, as full of intent;
As layered, as exciting, as full of bouncing, pounding energy, as Bon Jovi starting their Wembley show, and you really are living aright.

You’re living with Oompa oompa oomp. 

Repeat endlessly.

Keep it going.

Trust me on this.

Rock Star Writer


Just. Show. Up. { Prayer Intro }
is the second chapter from
Live from London
Take the stage, rock your life and rule the world”
Click on “Live from London” to read all chapters.

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concert upload on Vimeo (including the moment Jon shows up) 


Get Ready To Rock! { We Will Rock You }

Click the video to see the first minute(s) of the show.

The first music from the Bon Jovi concert at Wembley, 25 June 1995, was not Bon Jovi.

It was the beat of what is probably the intros of intros:
We Will Rock You.
By Queen.

For the third night in a row 85.000 people of a sold out Wembley, start stamping their feet, clapping their hands, roaring their voice.
The camera zooms over the audience that is already more than ready to rock and roll!

And I have no idea if this is my perspective but whether it’s 1995 footage or 2019;
If I see a sold out Wembley on screen my first response is something like:

Followed by
Maybe that’s “just” what a sold out stadium looks like, but on the video you can see that if there were two London mice who wanted to attend, their safety would not have been quaranteed.

To me a sold out Wembley looks like a sold out Wembley plus an extra 20.000 people.

But having said that;
It does work on screen, and I think it works in feeeeeling the vibe as well!
What’s better than stamping your feet, screaming, clapping in anticipation of Bon Jovi?
Doing it in a sweaty crowd, a sold out stadium, and add a few extra tens of thousands of people!

Just like a pilgrimage, you cannot tell this story by just focusing on how it ends.
It’s about the journey.
For a Bon Jovi crowd that journey started long ago, by religiously listening to their music.
Over and over, the same songs like prayers, sung along and felt in the heart and with the very soul.

Like faith, the music was already fully internalized, long before the pilgrimage began.

Then the announcement that the band will come and the decision to go.
First you have to buy the ticket, which is not always easy.
Followed by months of anticipation.
The final days are marked by detailed preparations;
What will you wear? What do you need? What can you bring and what not? 

You travel, could be hours in the car or using public transportation.
The most difficult part is always the last bit;
The final miles are the most likely for a bus to not be there, or for taking a wrong turn if you drive there yourself.
It can easily add an hour to your journey if you miss a cue here.

If you’re early at the stadium, there is more suspense!
Because the gates do not open until 3 P.M. and you never know which gate opens first. Nor is it ever finite if there is or is not a “list” to get in first.
And if so if you want to join the list and be bound by it;
Or take your chances and go rogue.

If you’re an early bird who wants to get first row, the choices you make upon entering, and how they work out, will be nerve wrecking.
There is no way of telling in advance who will “get it” (and at what price! early access packages are hundreds of dollars extra), and who will not get to first row despite being early on the site.
Every row or entrance, has their own risk/ benefit profile.

This uncertainty makes the opening of the gates (outer-gates, and inner-gates and security gates) the most difficult part of the day for people who want to be first row, because you just have to accept you have no control over it.
You can only do your best and hope for the best.

When you’re inside the venue, ever more hours of waiting. 
Listening to the support act.
Until finally;
Whether you are first row and have been on your feet since noon.

Or whether you came in late, immediately leaving after work as soon as you could, but got stuck in traffic and now you actually RAN from the parking in a nearby farmer’s meadow, all the way to the stadium, because you didn’t want to wait for the shuttle and were hellbent to be on time!

You made it.
You ALL made it.


Boom, boom.

You clap your hands.

Boom, boom.

You stamp your feet.

Boom, boom.

You, and everybody around you, as far as the eye can see.

Boom, boom.

85.000 people.

Boom, boom.


You are ready to rock.



Get Ready To Rock! { We Will Rock You }
is the first chapter from
Live from London
Take the stage, rock your life and rule the world”
Click on “Live from London” to read all chapters.

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To me this video really illustrates the power of the song We Will Rock You, sung in a big stadium:


LIVE FROM LONDON | new series coming soon

I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when something you’ve been postponing for a while, and then some, because you had so many other things to do and you were limiting yourself to for once finish what you already started, before starting something new, when there’s suddenly a sense of urgency and that something needs to get done NOW.
For this blog the smart thing to do was to update all the posts, remove missing links, provide context for projects that had turned out differently or series I stopped.
And so on.
Not to write a book on all the Rock Star ideas about freedom, sex and purpose, something I have been wanting to do since I started this website a year ago, and successfully kept at bay.
So far anyway.
But feeling inspired to start something new or desiring something that will take over your life doesn’t have to be related to writing.
It can be anything that you can ignore at the beginning, or rationalize yourself out of for a long long time;
But that is now following you around and has became so annoying that it is less of an effort to hear it out, and acknowledge its presence, than it is to keep hoping it will magically disappear.
For example if you have a deep desire to have a child, you can rationalize yourself out of it for a while but ultimately you will just go for it, despite your circumstances. 
Powerful desires have a way of returning to you, always.
Which is, by the way, also why I m against talking yourself into doing something because the right things will talk YOU into hooking up with them.
Being it or they, or babies; The right things will call you out loud and clear.
The desire may also be for someone you can’t stop thinking about fondly. The first 6, 12 or 24 months you are hoping the feelings will fade.
But do they? 😉 
From that perspective I ve got a pretty good deal actually.
It could have been a person I had fallen in love with!
What is a craving for a trip around the world for one, and a desire for a partner you can’t have for the other, is usually an idea for writing a blog post for me.
Or- which explains why I ve been holding this one at bay for a year – a desire to write an entire book.
The title has changed a bit in the past year, as did this account/ the url of this site. But I think it was because the idea wasn’t complete yet, that I was able to postpone it.
And that I was right, to postpone it.
Ultimately it got better, the pieces came together and now I know the time has come:
“This is it!”
The book I m going to write will be called Live from London, and will be inspired by the 1995 VHS, now DVD, Live in London (sometimes also called Live from London) by Bon Jovi.
The past 12 months I could feel all the knowledge, or the things I wanted to talk about, yet it were all just “things”.
In order to glue them together I would have to come up with some largely fabricated logic.
Like “12 Steps to Rock Your Life” or whatever.
And that is really not my style.
I ve never stuck to a step by step program in my life.
I ve never done one exercise a coach gave me, I ve never thought about any of the questions at the end of the chapters in Self-Help books;
I never journaled on the things I was “supposed to” journal on.
So to clean up and polish my first personal development book as some respectable, dry, serious, A to B, join the dots system or model?
Not a good idea.
But when I started watching the dvd Live From London all the lessons just started popping up in my head.
I have been reaching for my notebook multiple times a day; E
very time a life lesson presented itself, tied to what I had seen on the dvd.
So that’s what I will be doing;
Write the chapters here on this blog, offering inspiring perspectives and stories I ve been wanting to share for a year, but now I can do so to the backdrop of a fired up Wembley stadium in 1995.
You can expect the first post before the end of the week.
The subscription button is somewhere on this page, probably on the top right.
So see you soon!
And rock on!



This new project has got its own page:
Live from London

The book is written online –
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