We need to talk about Katrina Ruth. What about now?

I knew we’d one day need to talk about the amazing Katrina Ruth
What about now?
Because just as I had planned shooting my “What about now” video on YouTube,
where I would cover how important it is to stay connected to your higher vision NOW so that you can do the work even at times when it’s hard,
exactly how Bon Jovi created their studio album What about now in the midst of struggle,
a question popped up on Katrina Ruth’s page:
What was it from all of her programs and teachings that had impacted us most?
I answered that above all else, it was how she taught us to BE at the level you want to live your life, before you move a finger.
That being connected to your highest vision, comes before anything else, and that ultimately THAT is what will get you the results.
And if you want to be the first to know how this bold statement has anything to do with living life at rock star level?
My next video is “What About Now”.
What about:
You lived your best life, and did what you came here to do,
Rock Star Yoga
you weren’t born to follow
Daily inspiration from Katrina Ruth:
website incl free gift


There has been a fail in YouTube editor, which has “unlocked” the unedited versions of 5 years of content.
This was a blessing in disguise. I see it as YouTube making a management decision to give me a fresh start.
But this did mean I could no longer curate what would stay up and what would not –
and had to
take everything down, except the videos from this new series.

My new Rock Star Yoga project means
one wisdom/ lesson/takeaway from every Bon Jovi song known to man.
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Rock Your Yoga

Rock Star Yoga is based on principles of being your own teacher, raising your energy, using your body as your instrument, and full creative freedom in your practice.

If you would like to practice with a teacher first, here are my recommended resources:

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Kassandra

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