Access All Areas – A Rock & Roll Odyssey

on VHS

From October 1988 to February 1990, Bon Jovi toured the world with their Jersey Syndicate Tour.
They visited North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Europe; And they created three music videos and one music documentary.
Which could have their last because the tour schedule was so gruesome, and all band members so exhausted, that it would probably have been their last tour and the band would never have gotten back together, if they had finished it one day later.

I saw Access All Areas once, must have been nine months ago or something. And I remember that it was actually quite painstaking to get all the different parts together at YouTube.
But now I found this Spanish subtitled version, which has the entire documentary.
There is no DVD.
After the 90s, when Access All Areas was released on VHS, the DVD was only supplied in the New Jersey Super Deluxe (not regular Deluxe) reissue box, from 2014.
I think being able to rewatch Access All Areas all in one piece will already make a huge difference, compared to the scattered experience from last spring.
But there is another reason why I know it will be different this time, rewatching it;
I found the structure behind it.
In preparing the video I shot today – one I ultimately deleted when I was editing it, because my psychedelic glitter top was hypnotizing the viewer – I had encountered the Wiki page that explained the structure of the documentary; What and where.
I think it will make a great manual to (re-)watch this documentary Access All Areas.
I like structures. Usually I create them myself. For example I categorized all Bon Jovi albums and all songs per decade, for my Bon Jovi series on YouTube.
But to complement this pret-a-porter Bon Jovi content list I found, I added dates from their tour schedule.
You can find the documentary at the top of this page.
And here is its content:
<text continues below>
1. Introduction
2. Show #3 / Dublin, Ireland – 1 Nov 1988
3. Show #9 / Rome, Italy – 14 Nov 1988
4. Italian TV Show
5. Behind The Iron Curtain
6. Moscow Music Peace Festival – 12, 13 Aug 1989
7. First Leg European Tour – Nov/Dec 1988
8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 26 Jan 1990
9. Tokyo, Japan – 31 Dec 1988/ 1 Jan 1989
10. All Star Jam, Wembley Arena, England – Dec 1988 OR Jan 1990
11. In Store Signing / London, England
12. Berlin, Germany
13. Nordhoff Robbins Music Therapy Benefit
14. Sydney, Australia – 2, 3, 4 November 1989
15. The Homecoming
16. Rare Club Dates
17. Show #232 / The Last Gig – 17 Feb 1990
18. “Livin’ On A Prayer”
19. Credits
I will be watching the documentary again, and hope they have added dates in the documentary. And that mine was incorrect.
Because if my dating is right, it sure explains why I didn’t “understand” the documentary the first time;
They seem to have changed the chronological order.
Which immediately shows the downside of being so determined to “figure everything out”. To dig and dissect until you understand the underlying structure, so that you can put it back together again;
Some things are like love. Or God.
They cannot be understood.
Only felt.


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