Rock on Anyway

As I m writing this I have no idea if I will make yoga videos tonight;
A Bon Jovi talk?
But yoga?
From what I recall from yesterday, when I postponed my “We Rule the Night” yoga video (inspired by a rare 1985 Bon Jovi song) to nighttime, only to realize:
I DO NOT rule the night-
Is that I promised myself I d do better today.
And not wait so long.
Because despite the badass ring to it;
My Rock Star Yoga was going to be a daytime thing.
Little did I know, that me finding out I lost my bankcard yesterday, followed by intensive searches both indoor as well as outdoor, tracking back yesterday’s hour long walk;
Combined with a few Corona related choices and forecasts I had to make-
Would lead to me living an entire day that was entirely unforeseen.
But, and this did come true, as soon as I accepted that I lost the card and it was not going to come back-
I made a decision.
That this was going to work in my advantage.
That any financial costs or time investments, would pay themselves back.
That things were happening exactly as they should.
Maybe if my card was found, it would be like a super high end business card! And picked up by someone who would Google me, and would like what he or she saw.
Because I may not rule the night, and not film those yoga videos I promised.
Or toss them out when I do (yesterday’s Rock Star Yoga video ended in the trash bin)
But that’s no reason not to rock life.
When I got home, someone who I had sent a message through LinkedIn two weeks ago, had written me a very kind reply.
In my mind, at least energetically, he was the one who had picked up my lost bankcard, the high level golden business card!
Whatever your unexpected chain of events is today:
Stay calm.
And rock on.
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