Shenanigans, fun and my favorite Bon Jovi songs per album – part 1

click for video – Times Square 5 September 2002

One of the things I ve been meaning to do, is give every Bon Jovi album a proper and extensive review.
You know, like serious folks!
Except of course, that will never happen.
So I just started at What About Now (2013) and am working my way back.
In tweets!
I m not going to url-link them all to the original tweet, but if you want to follow this topic
Here’s my profile on Twitter

So here’s Part 1  of this quite enjoyable endeavor;

There were a few more tweets, in the original thread.
But these were the Big Five 😉

*Detail Alert*
In case you want to know exactly how I ll go from here:
Next up album Crush (2000), then all the way back through the 90s, the 80s ending with 1984 Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi

And after that the two most recent albums, Burning Bridges (2015) and This house Is Not For Sale (2016).
*End of Detail Alert*

See you soon!
And rock on!



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New videos expected too, at Suzanne Beenackers YouTube

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