Inspired by: Bon Jovi Madison Square Garden 2008 night 2 | new: Play List Series

Whether it was due to magical abilities of my hAnD90 mask, which I received from Sinterklaas (Sankt Nikolaus/ Dutch Santa Claus),
– Sinterklaas made the mask himself!
There is no official merchandise from the channel probably because Dominik from hAnD90 seems to be as modest as he is brilliant –
Or maybe it was not because of the magical mouth mask but because of some other reason;
But after 5 days my favorite Bon Jovi video channel hAnd90 is back online!

And he immediately spoiled us with three new uploads in 72 hours,
among which a live video premiere with chat!

I attended and after 2,5 hours of online partying – there were surprisingly many people drinking beer – and so much great input from other fans,
which performances were great to watch, I decided to look them all up and make a play list in honor of this night.

I m using it for yoga but you can use it anyway you like!.

Here’s a link to this playlist:
Inspired by: Bon Jovi Madison Square Garden 2008 night 2

A selection of Madison Square Garden night 1 and 2, was turned into a dvd

And here’s a link to that newly uploaded full Bon Jovi concert video
Bon Jovi | 2nd Night at Madison Square Garden
| New York 2008
You can replay our chat by looking for the “Live Chat” option.

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