Bon Jovi 1985-1995 Deep cuts and cover songs (live)

video: just a snippet of Cadillac Man, lured me back in!

Click photo for the playlist. The first song is The Heart Of America, a song that was played only once. If I remember correctly, also Bon Jovi’s first show for a mega-crowd, at Farm Aid 1985. Remastered by hAnD90, who also picked the photo.

For months I ve mostly been Bon Jovi free.
In the stress of getting back to my yoga mat and yoga business after what we’ll call a yoga sabbatical the size of one pandemic, give or take 2 years, it was as if I couldn’t listen to music without feeling it distracted my thoughts and made focusing and prioritizing even more difficult.
I ve cancelled all news subscriptions, streaming services and cable, and only watch series or movies as a social activity.
Entertainment has been turned down pretty much close to zero, so that I can focus.
And I haven’t been listening to music, or at least I didn’t until a new upload on YouTube awoke something that I had not seen or felt this year!
Songs Written by Jon Bon Jovi & Notable Covers

The video contains footage from other artists performing songs by Jon Bon Jovi, but it also has footage from Bon Jovi performing them. 

And at 2 minutes I was WIDE awake when Cadillac Man from Osaka 1991 came by! 

It reminded me of the list of 102 deep cuts and rare tracks, that I had created 18 months ago or something.
A playlist that had been suffering from videos falling out, it now contained only 97 tracks. And I knew it had not been complete to begin with. Ever since creating it, I had realized there were plenty of songs not on there.

Which in turn, was a not so gentle reminder I needed to get my shit together, because for my YouTube series Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs, where I started with the first album, it WAS important to get all the deep cuts and rare tracks of the 80s lined up!
I knew I had been stalling in this YouTube series, but I also knew that once I started making headway, I was not prepared because I didn’t know what the songs were that were not on the studio albums.
I had not figured out what the complete list was of non-album Bon Jovi tracks, and the list that I had created a while back, the 102 tracks one, was not complete.

So yes, hearing Cadillac Man, Osaka 1992, in that fresh upload freaked me out. Unexpectedly.
But also: It got me back in.
What an amazing performance.
And there’s something intriguing about the year, because this is way before  the Keep The Faith tour, and years after the Jersey Syndicate Tour.

What was this?
Did they have a mini tour, in Japan, pre- Keep The Faith recording?
So many questions!
And one of the many that I will get answers to, now that I m back to listening to Bon Jovi and studying their history.

So the deal was sealed at the 2 minute marker, but it didn’t stop there.
At 3:30 Bon Jovi performing the Cher song, Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore. That New Jersey album outtake with that slightly hoarse and husky voice!!
At 6:22 These Open Arms (2005)! OMG OMG. This song is so good, I m pretty sure there are countries where there are laws against pulling songs like this from your album, instead of putting them on the record and turn them into the giant hit they deserve to be. Or there should be.
At 8:20 the song Burn With Me (2013) that we ALL know should have been on the What About Now album.

It reminded me of all the occasions Bon Jovi had failed to put forth their strongest songs, but more importantly: It reminded me of ME failing everything Bon Jovi I wanted to do, and want to do!
Update the list with 102 gems, even when I knew it had been incomplete, just make sure the 102 songs are on there.
And dive into sorting out the deep cuts from the 80s so that I have them lined up for my project Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs.

So, I did.

Restored (the 102 gems): 
Bon Jovi 1985 – 2020 Hidden Gems In Chronological Order

And new:
Bon Jovi 1985-1995 Deep cuts and cover songs (live)

And to top it off, I very unofficially decided to get back to teaching yoga online, pronto. If you want to get on the wagon for that, I ll leave you the links below.

It almost feels like the past 24 hours I heard more Bon Jovi songs, than the past 6 months altogether. My ears are ringing, my heart is pounding, and I m gonna guess I m gonna sleep absolutely terrible tonight.

But I feel more alive than I have in a million years.

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